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Tattoos are a rapidly growing way to express yourself. Classic tattoos (excluding religious or ritualistic tattoos) typically featured a loved one's name, perhaps a portrait of a family member, or a patriotic design. Nowadays, however, tattoos are becoming more eclectic and unique. They are also becoming more accepted after years of being deemed "inappropriate." Now, even fandom obsession is transferring from posters on walls to paintings on skin.

Without further ado, here are 15 fantastic Doctor Who tattoos...

1. Allons-y!

A beautifully simple tattoo honoring the 10th Doctor's catch-phrase!

2. Hello Sweetie

Always have a perfect River Song greeting ready! (Or should I say Melody Pond!)

3.We're All Stories...

We are all stories, so make yours a best seller.

4. 3D glasses

This tattoo is perfect for a 10th Doctor lover who understands the importance of the Doctor being able to see!

5. Exterminate

This adorable cartoon strip style tat is a classic for Eleven and River shippers...oh the feels!

6. Everyone is Important

For those who adore Doctor Who but also fancy a reminder once in a while about their self-worth (as well as the importance of the countless seemingly useless people out know what I'm talking about).

7. Very Ood

What an ood tattood. But it is well reviood!

Ok, no more ood puns. (Even though they were pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!)

8. Starry TARDIS

Love Van Gogh? Love Doctor Who? This is the tattoo for you!

9. Bad Wolf

Amazing black ink tattoo!

10. 10th Doctor

A tattoo for 10th Doctor lovers who also happen to find David Tennant's detailed face the most gorgeous detailed face in the universe.

11. 11th Doctor

A tattoo for 11th Doctor lovers who also happen to find Matt Smith's detailed face the most gorgeous detailed face in the universe.

12. Silence

Huh? I must have forgotten to post a tattoo pic here....hmm...

Moving on!


Gah! The angels have the phone box! And the Daleks! And the Cybermen! And a Clockwork Droid! And a scarf..... And K-9...... Wait, something does not feel right.

Oh well! Still an awesome tattoo.


Some B-E-A-U-tiful ink of a Dalek and a Cyberman with their respective catchphrase.

15. Sonic Screwdriver

And last, but not least, a perfect place to store your sonic screwdriver!

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