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Ok , i am just going to admit it right here right now..i actually enjoyed watching this movie a lot and brought upon me calmness and lifted my spirit by the end.

I find myself completely disagreeing with critics and their reviews, IMDB gave it a 5.4, Metacritic 40% and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an insulting 19%. The only thing i can agree on is the fast past story which just unraveled and made you a bit lost at times. But other than that i feel that this movie should have been much better received and surely the studio could have done much better marketing.

The story line basically involves an army vet Brian Gilcrest portrayed by Bradley Cooper who after an incident in Kabul sustains heavy injuries and after recovering joins a military contracting company. He is sent to Hawaii to organize the transportation of very sensitive equipment, upon this island he meets Captain Alison Ng a 22 year old fighter pilot portrayed by Emma Stone. During his visit to Hawaii he comes closer with the young Captain but at the same time reconnects with his old love of the past Tracy Woodside played by Rachel McAdams.

Besides this love triangle we never fail to see the mission at play and the real reason why Brian has been sent to Hawaii.

I loved the cast, their characters seemed so honest and truthful and made you feel so comfortable. The movie itself also emphasizes on the spirituality that resides in Hawaii, the magic and mystical powers which surround the place is an emotion so real that it is transferred to the audience and by the end of the movie you will definitely fall in love with Hawaii and contemplate on how well a Hawaiian life might be possible in your life.

I will not reveal any major spoilers because i am sure that for the people who get captivated in the movie shall not have a hard time connecting the dots, as i said the story-line is not the most solid and can feel rushed at times, but i connected with the characters and seeing them coming from different walks of life and becoming attached to a Hawaiian life was far more compelling to me than any story.

I can understand why Bradley Cooper would want to participate in a project like this, after finishing a project like American Sniper h=the mental and psychical exhaustion made it absolutely clear that his next project should have been something refreshing. And as a movie buff i found Aloha a refreshing film to watch.

I would suggest that for the people interested in watching Aloha they should do so when they feel they had a quit, calm and relaxing day so that the movie can complete the cycle. When i decided to watch Aloha i knew that i wanted specifically that because i had no interest in a horror, or an action fueled motion or anything serious. I was feeling relaxed and comfortable and while in that state i knew that this movie would not disappoint me.

My advice to future viewers of Aloha is to enjoy the little things in the movie, connect with the characters, allow yourself to laugh, enjoy the wonderful scenery, and allow your self to feel connected with a special place called Hawaii which is rich in culture, spirituality and emotions basically allow yourself to feel and only then you will appreciate it.

We all need some Aloha in our lives, and at moments we get so caught up in things that we miss out on what life really is or means.


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