ByThomas Kohain, writer at

If Zayn has an album of 16 to 20 Songs, i can see this making him big:

1- Chris Brown (26) is 1 of the biggest artist running around and is in the same labe as Zayn (22)

2- Justin Bieber (21), is a good friend of Zayn (22) and is for sure the biggest artist in pop music right now.

3- 50 Cent (40) has showed enough love for Zayn (22), i would love to see them match toghetter.

4- Tyga (25) is 1 of the biggest rappers right now. He would do really good on a song with Zayn (22).

5- Rihanna (27) is an R&B Artist and would match amazing with Zayn (22)

6- Rae Sremmurd is an R&B Hip Hop duo who could match great with Zayn (22).

7- Flo Rida (35) is an amazing rapper who could match great with Zayn (22).

8- Wiz Khalifa (27) is sure on of the TOP 10 best rappers in the world of 2015. He would help Zayn (22) a lot.

9- Lucy Hale (26) would give Zayn (22) a lot of crazy PLL fans to watch this song.

10- Charlie Puth (23) and Ian Thomas (18) are 2 Upcoming artists who could give Zayn (22) an R&B Sound and Upbeat sound with his crazy R&B Hip Hop Pop vocals.


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