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Hey WB? DC Comics? GIVE ME A SEASON 3 NOW! That should mostly tell you my opinion of this animated series but I will still go into detail.

For the past year, my brother and I have been watching DC and Cartoon Network's original animated series: Young Justice. I had watched about five episodes and I genuinely liked it but I missed many after so I stopped watching. The general response for the show blew my mind so I was curious to check out the first season when it came out on DVD. When I saw a year ago that it was now on Netflix, I was ready to check it out but not without my brother because he is as much of a DC nut as I am so we checked it out together and we only watched it with each other.

Suffice to say, we fell in love with it. From the characters, the animation, to the complex and well thought out stories, we were hooked. It took us so long to finish it because we don't see each other often and like I said, it was something where only the two of us could watch it. So I'm going to give you my quick thoughts on this series without spoilers.

Young Justice is a masterpiece that got better and better the more it went on. I can't talk about the stories too much without giving spoilers but I will say: Season 1's story arc about the Light was absolutely fantastic and Season 2's story about the Reach blew my mind. This show may have been on Cartoon Network but it most definitely written for adults: the dialogue was smart, the episodes did not feature much action and what it did feature would confuse a lot of kids, dark twists and turns constantly, and characters that were so complex and three dimensional that you never lose interest. To sum up the series' plot in a nutshell it is:

Three sidekick heroes of the Justice League: Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash form a covert ops team consisting of the apprentices and sidekicks of famous heroes. Many would assume this would be lame because: who cares about the sidekicks? But this show like I said develops these characters so well that even some of the best comic book authors would drop their jaws. Like I said I can't talk about this story because it would equal spoilers for anybody who hasn't seen this series.

In most ensemble teams like this, there is usually that one member who is the most annoying but that is not the case here. Every character has a story, has a purpose, has development, and is likable. Robin or later known as Nightwing was a great tactician and co-leader, Aqualad was my personal favorite with him being a great leader and friend to team members, Kid Flash was funny but wasn't annoying with a great story arc especially in a certain episode where he has to deliver a heart to a hospital, Superboy at first seems like just the muscle but grows on you very much, Miss Martian is quirky and fun yet badass at the same time, Artemis appears to be a bland attempt at making a female Green Arrow but again has a great arc and becomes one of the best members. I could go on and on all day talking about the characters but then this article would be the size of the Return of the King novel. Every single character was great, even the villains.

The animation was beautiful, I mean just amazing. While it takes a more realistic look to the characters there is a style to it that is very reminiscent of Bruce Timm's animation which you should all know by now that I am a huge fan of. Every shot is made with top notch animation especially the fight scenes.

The voice actors were just like their characters: perfect. Not a single bad performance and it was great hearing Bruce Greenwood as Batman again after Under the Red Hood. My personal favorite voice actor was Khary Payton as Aqualad, Will Friedle as the Blue Beetle/Scarab, Danica McKellar as Miss Martian, and Jesse McCartney as Robin/Nightwing.

Excellent story telling, brilliant characters, fun action, beautiful animation, what else can I say to convince you to watch this series? In my opinion this rivals alongisde series like Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Seires, X-Men the Animated Series, and Spectacular Spider-Man. It earns my rating of a High Platinum OR a 10/10.

Do you know what sucks though? The ending of Season 2 ends of a cliffhangar setting up what could have been the best season of them all but you know what happened? THEY CANCELLED THE SHOW!!! Netflix, you managed to give us a Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 6, convince WB to give us a Young Justice Season 3 for Netflix!


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