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Fans of both Game of Thrones and Doctor Who cheered with excitement when it was announced that Maisie Williams will guest star in the 9th series of Doctor Who. Most of the time when big actors are guests on Doctor Who, they usually take a new character. It gives the writers a chance to introduce new settings and characters. However, it looks like Williams may be playing a character viewers are already familiar with. I'm only going off of the Doctor's reaction to Maisie in the first trailer, but I think it's a pretty fair assumption. And after looking through dozens of articles, which include theories that Williams will star as a young River Song or Missy, these are the three speculations that I see as the most plausible and exciting for the next season.


Yes, it's happening. Marvel is finally going to crossover with Doctor Who, and it starts with bringing in their most popular villain. How cool will it be to see Arya Stark as LOKI?!

NA!! I'm just messing with you. I'm actually referring to the Loki from Norse mythology. If you look at the second trailer for Series 9, you can spot a character that might possibly be Odin, and a few shots of a village looking to be from the Viking period. Also, in the first shot of Williams, she seems to be wearing a double-header that is reminiscent of Loki's original helmet.

So Maisie Williams might be playing the Norse trickster god. It seems like a possible idea, and one that I would be interested by. Calling the Doctor "Old man" seems like something Loki would do, and who doesn't want to see Williams mess around with the Doctor?

Clara Oswald

No, I don't think that they're replacing Jenna Coleman! Are you forgetting about her Impossible Girl storyline? Yeah, well there are still plenty of other Clara's out there that the Doctor hasn't run into. Maybe this is one version of her that's growing up in a viking village. It would explain why the Doctor is so shocked when he finds her.

I know that this theory is pretty half-baked, but I thought it deserves some exploring. I kind of miss the mystery of Clara Oswald back in Series 7, and this would be a good way to bring that story back.


Speaking of bringing old stories back, this theory is my favorite. You all remember Jenny, right? The Doctor's daughter artificially created using his DNA. Well, sadly, he left assuming she had died, but she regenerated and escaped her war-stricken planet. Could Maisie Williams be a renewed Jenny?

I really hope that this is the case, because Jenny has been a character I've always wanted to see more of. She inherited the Doctor's spirit for adventure, yet she was born into a war, and automatically turned to violence. It was an interesting struggle that I wanted to see the Doctor fix. Plus, it'd be so much fun seeing the Twelfth Doctor spend some quality father-daughter time with Jenny. Imagine how hilarious that would be?

Of course, none of these theories may be correct, but it doesn't matter, I'm sure that the writers will come up with something great no matter what we're expecting. Besides, I'm just excited to see ARYA STARK on the show. Imagine what a pair she and Capaldi are gonna make!

Doctor Who season 9 begins December 25.


Who do you think Maisie Williams is gonna be in Doctor Who?

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