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Rocky has been part of our lives for forty years now, and there is a new installment on the way. This time is a little different though. Instead of being a full on sequel, "Creed" is a semi-spinoff about the son of Apollo Creed. In this film, Rocky will be the mentor to him. While a lot of people are probably skeptical about this future release, I am actually pretty excited. I think there is a lot of potential to have a movie with the emotion of the originals, and the great fight scenes that have blown our minds for decades. Here is a list of reasons why I am excited about this film.

1. The Emotion- Rocky has always been a series that tries to choke us up with either triumphs or tragedies. Whether it was the deaths of Mickey, Apollo, or Adrian, or the wins against Apollo, Drago, or Lang, the viewer is guaranteed some serious feels. From what I know about this story so far, I think there is going to be some real tearjerking moments. First off, Paulie is dead.. Paulie is a character that started off as an idiot, but as the series grew, so did our perception of his character. Now he is gone, and I feel like there will be some very sad scenes of mourning. The next thing that I have heard is that Rocky is going to be on chemotherapy. If this is true, then we are going to go on a journey of suffering with Rocky that will not be easy at all. Finally, the idea that the plot will revolve around Apollo's son is a ticket for some emotions, because him and Rocky will definitely talk about it at some point.

2. The Casting- While there is not a lot of big names in this movie, there is still Sylvester Stallone, we have Michael B. Jordan and Phylicia Rashad joining as Apollo's son and daughter. There is also a bunch of fighters joining the cast, which means there will be some great boxing scenes.

3. There Have Been More Good Rocky Movies Than Bad- When it comes to Rocky, some of the movies are better than others, but most of them are still good. The only exception was "Rocky V," and that was not even the worst movie ever. The most recent installment "Rocky Balboa" was a humongous achievement for the series, so I have hope about a good outcome with the next one.

Overall, I feel like there is things to worry about with "Creed," but I am more excited than not. What do you guys think about "Creed?"


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