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True Alpha's can have all creatures and other Alphas in their pack.

The Alpha:

Scott McCall

The Second leader and most experienced that can help:

Derek Hale as an Alpha again.

The Kitsune:

Kira Yukimura

The Banshee

Scott's Beta's: (And Best Friend)

Stiles Stilinski: Scott had to bite him. And he got blue eyes of the guilt of killing Donovan.

Liam Dunbar

Derek's turned Beta's: (Now Scott's Beta's)

Jackson Whittemore

Isaac Lahey

Jake Blake (I would make him a new character that Derek bites, because he saved him)

Who is this boy? Jeffrey Lambrechts. He is a friend of mine, he can act, and would be a great new guy. He's born in Belgium, speak Spannish, English and Dutch. He would be so good)

The Whatever Parrish is:

Jordan Parrish

Beta's of Scott that he didn't turn, that were made, bitten by someone else or born as 1:

Theo Raeken: I would make him good.

Brett Talbot: He has to move to Beacon Hills, and he leaves his pack. After his sister is killed, or something.

Hayden Romero

Bryan Johnson: A new British boy that moves to Beacon Hills that was Bitten some years ago.

The Were-Coyote

Malia Tate

The Human:

Mason Hewitt

The i don't know what he is. And love interest of Mason:


Too Big? Yeah, but this is the pack not the regulars.

Regulars Season 6: (20 Episodes)

Tyler Posey

Dylan O'Brien

Holland Roden

Shelley Hennig

Arden Cho

Dylan Sprayberry

Daniel Sharman

Khylin Rhambo

Recurring cast (In the pack) Season 6:
Tyler Hoechlin (17 Episodes)

Colton Haynes (16 Episodes)

Jeffrey Lambrechts (15 Episodes)

Ryan Kelley (15 Episodes)

Cody Christian (14 Episodes)

Cody Saintgnue (12 Episodes)

Zayn Malik (11 Episodes)

Victoria Moroles (11 Episodes)

Michael Johnston (10 Episodes)

I would love that very much :)


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