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Like shoot-em-up movies? Like beloved actors who haven't done much of anything recent to finally plow through their hermit-ism and into one of the best action films you'll see yet? Well this is your movie. As the dramatic but well written line in the move say's, "Yea.. I'm thinking I'm back!", Keanu Reeves is definitely back. Unfortunately for us, he hasn't done anything notable since The Lake House in 2006 - unless of course you're into alien remakes like "The Day the Earth Stood Still", or you love titles that star Caucasian actors submerged in an Asian culture with a "Kill Bill" movie plot like "47 Ronin". Thank God he came to his senses and grabbed a script not only worth watching, but worth watching over and over again.

Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, two of Hollywood's most well known stunt men, got together to direct "John Wick" in an electric way. I'm not sure I've ever seen an action movie directed solely by the stuntmen themselves; but doesn't that sound like loading an A bomb into a sawed off shotgun? The action sequences are not only explosive (punny), but real. They often show a slender build Keanu, who is a known-by-the-crime-world and seasonally trained assassin, using everything he has to take down a guy or guy's almost two times his weight. An impressive mixture of mixed martial arts coupled with "Gun Fu", these lively and original battles are so well choreographed, there's isn't a thought of disbelief that crosses your mind. Add in an incredible soundtrack from various artists in the "dub pop" world and you'll be itching for a Ra's al Ghul type to pluck you from your current life and train you to, well, kill.

Willem Dafoe makes a more than desirable appearance along with Alfie Allen (who plays the same role he does on "Game of Thrones") and Michael Nyqvist (who I will never see as anyone else than the Sweed with mad game in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" series). The acting leaves something to be desired but I mean c'mon. Look at the people I named?

Do not waste anymore time on any of the action-movie dreck Hollywood pours out if you haven't first stopped to see this title. This is it; easily one of the best action movies of the current decade.


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