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It Follows is written and directed by David Robert Mitchell and stars Maika Monroe, who also starred in The Guest which I loved. And it follows a young girl named Jay, and she gets mixed up in this paranormal situation. The situation sounds ridiculous but here we go, so this ghost follows you around if you have sex with someone who is being followed by this ghost as well. Why? I don't know. But it happens, basically an STD since it's trying to kill you. And Jay has sex with a guy who passed it on to her, and so we have our movie.

Sounds stupid, but it's actually really scary.

The most impressive thing about It Follows is it's shot composition. Every shot is well balanced and looks beautiful. Every movement from the camera is either still, or slow moving steady shot and it works for building up tension. The mix of bright colors and dark blue colors has a nice contrast. Ambitious that most of it is shot outside, and there are shots where the sun is just about to set and there isn't much time to get that shot, but Mitchell pulled it off which is impressive. Overall, just a beautiful looking film.

There isn't a single bland performance, and the characters are fully fleshed out. There is a realistic feel for the world, they feel like real people.

The score, is really good. A mix of synths, and some other stuff that makes it terrifying. Clearly trying to pay homage to the horror movies of the 80's, even if the synths sound modern. The score was effective, however, and I absolutely loved it.

Now, with the ghost part. I have a lot of questions. Like is it passed on if you have a condom, is there a difference there? Do you have to have sex with the opposite gender for it to work? If there's a threesome do the other two people get it as well? What if the person dies of other causes not by the ghosts? Are these silly questions? Yes, yes they are. But these kept coming up in my head during the film. However, I understand that explaining all of these details would have felt forced and would have slowed the movie down. So I'm okay with the film not answering these questions.

I do think that the first half of the movie is much better than the second half. I loved the first half, except the first 10 minutes, and I found the second half to be muddled. It just wasn't as strong, or tense as the first half. And the pacing was a bit off in that second part. I did mention, however, that the first ten minutes were not great. It took a while for the tension to start building and I was uninterested in those first 10 minutes. But once it actually kicked in, the tension was really strong.

There are subtleties in the background that make the movie creepier, just to let you know.

Overall, I loved this movie, and I'm glad it's getting the attention it deserves because it's an actual good horror movie which is rare in the mainstream. It's slow pacing. So if you just like jump scares, that aren't really scary, in your horror movie you will be bored by this character driven story. For everyone else though, you're going to love this.


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