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Of all the amazing characters and their stories told throughout the first season of Gotham, my personal favourite was Oswald Cobblepot's, as it obviously was one of the most focussed on, and had the most development. Edward Nymga was also very good, especially in the finale. But Penguin has been born truly now, and is king of Gotham, while Nygma has gone psycho and is turning into the Riddler, so it's time to shed the focus onto other characters in season 2. We've already got news of mountains of villains joining up for season 2. The Joker and Mr Freeze have been announced, and Harvey Dent will be a series regular. Other, smaller villains have also been announced, but I feel there needs to be more focus upon some other characters we have met.

Now there's no doubt that some of the characters we met need more focus in later seasons of the show, Poison Ivy comes to mind, but that isn't the person I want to talk about. Check out this little beauty.

Selina Kyle, Catwoman. You know what Gotham's single biggest problem is? We already know what happens to all of the characters from the comics. Penguin takes over the city. Riddler goes insane. Jim becomes police commisioner. Bruce becomes Batman. It takes a lot of interest away from the actual getting from one place to another. But the one potential variable for any of the main characters is Catwoman. She could be hero or villain. She could be anything. She has definitely got the potential to be the most interesting character in the show, because, up to this point at least, I still can't say for sure if she will be friend or foe of Batman.

Most of the season showed her as a relatively harmless, decent character. But near the end, she went off the rails a little, killing a man, and then easily justifying it to Bruce. Then, in the finale, joining up with Fish Mooney and holding a gun at Jim and Harvey. This shows a much darker side of the character I didn't expect to see, and made me realise that Catwoman could evolve into anything from the anti-hero Anne Hathaway from "The Dark Knight Rises" all the way to the evil, sultry Michelle Pfeiffer from "Batman Returns". We just don't know. It is truly intriguing to theorise about what will become of Cat in the following seasons of Gotham.

Rant over, thanks for reading guys!


How do you think Gotham's Selina will end up?


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