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Today, if you're a DC fan, you would know that there is a ton of versions of our favorite clown prince. Comics, Movies, TV shows, but there's the burning question. Who is the best version portrayed of the Joker? I'm going to answer that with this; There is none. There is no 'best Joker'. There might be a couple ones that are better than the other, but there is no best. Here's my question for you guys!

Which one is your favorite?

Let's give a quick run down of all of the well-known ones.
Note: I won't be going through the comic versions, there's just too many!

Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight (2008)

Most people know this Joker as the best. As Heath Ledger was surely Dark and Menacing, is he your favorite? Comment down below if he was your favorite version of the Clown!

Jack Nicholson - Batman (1989)

Older Batman fans know this Joker from Tim Burton's Batman. He was the scariest Joker people have seen back then. He definitely pulled off the sick, twisted person the Joker is. Or did he? Comment below if he was your favorite portrayal of the Laughing Maniac!

Mark Hamill - Arkham Games (2009, 2011, 2015)

This Joker is personally my favorite. He was scary, Dark, and what a Joker should be - Funny. He never took anything seriously which makes him more.. Like the Joker. Was he your favorite? Or did He do something wrong? Comment down below!

Mark Hamill - Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Mark Hamill's Joker performance Before the Arkham Games. A More Kid-Friendly, but still Spooky and funny version of the Clown Prince of Crime. He was sure to be the the Kid's favorite, but was he yours?

Troy Baker - Arkham Orgins (2013)

Troy Baker, the Joker from the Arkham Origins video game in 2013, is considered to be a little better then Mark Hamill. Troy Baker has a joking, high voice that can never be taken seriously until Baker decides it to be taken seriously. Is he your favorite? Comment down below if he was!

Cesar Romero - Batman TV Series (1966)

The first live-action portrayal of The Joker! Small white mustache, green curly hair, Grey Eyebrows, this Joker was definitely a different one! He was a funny, villainy Joker back when he played him! But was he your favorite? Comment below!

Did I miss any? Tell me down below in the comment section if they were your favorite!


Who was your favorite?


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