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Trevor Thomson
...articles. But even though I always regret it afterwards, it's still enticing. The average Joe seems to forget that celebrities are real people, fallible & prone to having bad days and flaws just like the rest of us. Some will either ignore it and continue worshiping their heroes, or others, (who are secretly jealous of the celebrities' fame and look for any opportunity to bash them to express their jealousy), will immediately jump on any "dirt" that is brought up about them, regardless if it's true or not. Same thing happens in every case, and I tend to fall in the former rather than the latter. Too many times there have been lesser people wanting to squeeze some money out of a certain celeb for me to immediately believe every "poor victim". As has been said by a few others here in the comments, appreciate the art, not the artist. Because artists are human beings, who aren't perfect, and mess up sometimes. But people are capable of creating wonderful things in spite of their personal flaws, and I believe anything that contributes to the happiness of people should be appreciated, no matter if the person who created such happiness doesn't exactly reflect the art they create. It's especially tragic when that person's reputation ruins the effect of their art. And it really shouldn't.

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