ByTina Louise Clark, writer at
The most recent was about a month after my husband passed away. In the hospital a few days before he died, he kept declaring "I want to see my bedroom, I want to see my kitchen!" he did not say he wanted to go home which I found odd. Anyway, I am short and he always would get things out of the cabinets for me because he was tall and was concerned something would hit me if I was pulling it down, or I would lose my balance and fall if I used the step stool. This particular night, I climbed up on the step stool to get some cups down and I lost my balance and was falling backwards, in line to hit my head on the counter behind me when I felt this strong hand in my back that steadied me, literally pushing me back onto my feet. I just assumed my daughter had come in and saw me falling so when I was stabled, the hand moved and I looked around to find noone there but me. I called out to my daughter and she was still in her bedroom and had never come into the kitchen. Ghost, Angel or Spirit of my husband, I don't know but I am certainly glad that hand was there at the right time.

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