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Johnathan Johnson

Young Justice, in my opinion, is one of the greatest comic book animated shows to ever exist. It would make an absolutely fantastic live-action show that could easily tie in with Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Titans.

Robin- Dylan O' Brien:

He would make a fantastic Robin he has boy-hood charm and sarcasm to back it up.

Superboy- Steven Strait:

He has the look down and he's a great actor. I didn't want to pick Robbie Amell because he's fan casted as Superboy by everyone, plus he's already Firestorm.

Miss Martian- Anna Kendrick:

She can play awkward and cute. Those are two great assets for an actress to play Miss Martian.

Wally West- Tom Felton:

Tom is obviously known for Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, so he can bring the sarcasm to it. Plus, he's a naturally funny and kind guy he could nail this role.

Artemis- Emily Osment:

Emily Osment is awesome, she just needs her superhero start already, this would be an awesome role for her.

I saved my favorite character for last!

Aqualad- Tyler James Williams:

Tyler James Williams was awesome in the Walking Dead recently as Noah. He got his start on a Sitcom where he played a young Chris Rock called, 'Everybody Hates Chris.' He could bring the strength and leadership to this role that it would require.


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