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With many speculations that there definitely might be a Robin/Red Hood arc in the DCCU, people are wondering wether Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing, will make an appearance in the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Which is set to appear in theaters near you on March 25, 2016. Filming concluded in December, 2014, and the cast is pretty much set. There have been reports that there are more characters in the mix, but for now the only one that are certain are the ones who got to see the movie at a private PreScreening, according to reports the movie got a standing ovation from the crowd there, so that must be a sign that their appearance was in fact outstanding, and that there must be a hidden gem in the movie that we don't know about yet.

So what does that mean for the The former Boy Wonder turned hero and defender of Bludhaven? Some reports have shown that Zack Snyder's son, Eli, is also in the movie, and fans are already making theories that the directors spawn could the Boy Wonder himself. Wether or not there will be a Nightwing in the DCCU, we will see Nightwing make his first television live action debut on the new Teen Titans show, Titans. But let's start of this list of potential actors that could play Batman's child protege if they decide to include nightwing in the upcoming DCCU batman films.

5. Jensen Ackles

Star of Supernatural
Star of Supernatural

WAIT?? Dean Winchester as Dick Grayson? Yes! Jensen Ackles would be a fitting Nightwing, seeing that he has already taken up the role of Jason Todd Aka The Red Hood. He knows how to kickass, he knows how to stir up drama, and basically he is an all out incredible actor so why not make him the new Nightwing! It could go either way, as he'd be a perfect fit for the role of Jason Todd

4. Tyler Posey

YESS! The True Alpha! The Teen Wolf star would be a perfect fit if he were to play the Acrobatic crimefighter. Tyler knows how to kick some ass, although on the show he kinda gets his ass kicked.. a lot... but he has that Dick Grayson look, he could be an awesome Nightwing if he were to be given the chance, as far as I know i'd definitely wanna see Tyler Posey as the new Nightwing.

3: Stephen Amell

Now this particular actor may be just a dream of mine, a BIG BIG DREAM ! But I definitely think that the Arrow star could play an older version of Dick Grayson. Reason being is that he himself is an ass-kicker, He's the GREEN ARROW for crying out loud! He's an amazing dramatic actor, which could fit in perfectly with the whole Dark vibe DC is going with on the DCCU. He is an all around awesome guy , which would come in handy for the cast and he is fighting against Stardust at Summerslam, i mean how much of a badass could you be? But like I said, that is just a dream of mine for now as he is busy with another major DC superhero, The Green Arrow and its convergence with The DCEU.

2: Tom Welling

Tom Welling potrayed Clark Kent on SmallVille
Tom Welling potrayed Clark Kent on SmallVille

Now this is about badassery ! Although we didn't get to see much badassery of welling on Smallville, his looks and acting skills pay for all that, he has that Nightwing look and come on, he's CLARK KENT!!!! (AKA SUPERMAN!) so it's in his acting DNA to portray superheroes ! He's my top 2 pick because he has everything well to play the bats former sidekick, and after all, could restore his acting career big time ! In time we will see if DC decides to make this happen but for now it's just a dream!

And at number 1 it's...

Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien

Now these actors I had to put them both on the list as the number one pick. We got Logan Lerman, who's freaking Percy Jackson, and was part of one of my favorite life movies ever ! (PS: IT'S PERK OF BEING A WALLFLOWER ) and then we have this awesome talented young actor who goes by the name of Dylan O'Brien, who is currently playing the lead role in the Maze Runner movies and is a main character on Teen Wolf, portraying a young smart and adventurous teenager. Here's the dilemma, both of these actors are young and really talented, and both of them could portray the former boy wonder in an amazing fashion ! and they could definitely kick some ass ! But for now with all of the speculations there could definitely not be a Nightwing character in the new BvS:DoJ movie, but by the time we could see Nightwing, both of the actors will be 26, so it could be an amazing role for them both!

And that's basically it...!

For now we won't know for sure if there will be a Nightwing in Batman vs Superman, but we sure can hope that he will be in the new standalone batman movie , so for now we can all hope for the best and wait until the release on March 25, 2016.


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