ByAustin Martinez, writer at

In my option the best terminator movie was salvation but many say The Original or Judgement Day. Obviously the writers want to make a movie for all audiences and it was obvious as shown in Gynesis. But here's the thing many series of movies like sequals, theologys, ect.. All have one thing in common as each movie comes out each get worse for example the Terminator series. I'm gonna be blunt Gynesis was HORRIBLE. The reason is that the writers want to make the movie for everyone and that was a prime example. If they want to make more movies they need to go back to the roots of the Terminator Mythology and start over again. And instead of having so much comedy, action, and plots they need to have no comedy (seriously the movie is about terminators trying to wipe out the human race and taking over the world that's not very funny.) less HEAVY action like explosions, car crashes, and violence like the originals (but I do enjoy the car chases, keep thoose.) , and then have one plot not 3 or 4. And instead of traveling back and forth from the future to the past; just stay in the future, we already nkow what happens in the past and they need to carry the story forward. If they do all of what I say I think we would have a great movie.


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