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There's days where looking at yourself can be exhausting. Swarms of thoughts fly around your head, and you're never satisfied with what the mirror is reflecting. There's days where you feel like you can take over the world, yet there's always insecurities holding you back. Of course you have friends, but have you ever loved your own best friend? By defining best friend, it's the body that you live in, the body that is willing to protect you from any diseases, and the body you were born with. It's time to acknowledge your best friend.

Learning to love your body is never an easy process. Knowing what society upholds for the "perfect body image", our confidence lessens and our eyes loses it's sparks when we're looking at our bodies. At a point of our lives, seeing flossy magazine covers of skinny models that's plastered every where gives you an idea what your body should be. How your body should be as skinny as those models and that your body will never be enough if you don't reach society's standards of being beautiful. Nonetheless, insecurities are being worn on people's sleeves and neglect their palaces that are graced with significance. It's awful to think that people are willing to destroy their kingdom just to feel accepted when there was nothing wrong with them in the first place.

During my last year of middle school, I witnessed my friends compare themselves and made negative comments about their bodies. Nothing felt painful as listening to people you looked at as if they were the sun, say "I hate my body". Your eyes shift to the ground and your voice was quiet, you began to question why couldn't the brightest things in the world recognize their luminous existence. Being alone most of my free time, my mind started to dissect what was wrong with my friends and what made them hate their bodies. A light bulb popped on top of my head, they kept fixing something that was never broken. There was never any damage to repair among their beautiful bodies. Society wants us to have the belief that we need to fix ourselves to be accepted, we need to be skinnier than we should be, and that no one will never love us if our bodies didn't embody society's vision of perfection. Don't let society's expectations be the voice of your validation, your existence is enough to prove you're worth everything that life has to offer.

"Instead of fixing yourself, accept yourself" a quote that should be embedded into people's head. No one will ever reach perfection and there was never a flaw in admiring yourself. So what if your stomach has a bit more to show and if your skin has stretch marks? Or if you have pimples and scars that you're ashamed of? You're a work of art and those are strokes of artistry to parade your refinement. Even if your body isn't someone's cup of tea, that shouldn't determine your beauty, or your worth. What people think should never dictate your confidence, or how you view yourself since you're in control of your life. To live your own life does not require a voice from another mouth.

Although people tend to think there's no hope for them, It's never too late to start loving yourself . There's no start date or due date, but it'll be a long process. If you're willing to finally say "I love you" to the body you have grown with, be patient and be kind towards yourself. Rushing a process will just ruin the progress. Learning to love something you neglected for so long may take years to finally reach a level of content, but it's worth it. It's worth it since one day you'll wake up and find the war zone empty. Your negative thoughts has risen their white flag and you're standing above your enemies.

You can give love, but don't forget to love yourself too. It's generous to give out love, just remind yourself that you and your body needs it as well. Maybe loving yourself can finally restore the fading friendship you and your body had. Just know your body isn't ever going to leave you, they're just waiting for you to be their friends again.


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