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There are critics and fans alike that are saying that Man of Steel and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) aren't staying true to the source material at all. This article will be explaining to you why Zack Snyder has been following the comic books and cartoons this whole time.

Bruce Wayne's look.

Ben Affleck looks scarily similar to the Bruce Wayne/Batman look in the famous animated cartoon series during the 90's. It been a long journey for Ben Affleck since he been casted as the Dark Knight, but things are looking positive as now fans are starting to call him the best Batman ever.

Superman being looked at as a god.

In the trailers for Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, there are certain scenes which depict a crowd of people worshiping Superman as a god and him looking very uncomfortable by this. In the comic panel above titled Superman:Peace on Earth , it has pretty much the same exact scene from Dawn of Justice. Could Snyder have used this scene from the comic book as inspiration for his movie? I'm betting he did.

The standoff.

The standoff between Batman and Superman in The Dark Knight Returns is very iconic and one of the greatest fights in comic book history. Seeing how this film has some Dark Knight Returns in it, it not surprising that Snyder took some moments of the comics and animated movie and incorporated it into his movie.

Clark Kent's look.

Looks very similar right?

Batman look.

Ben Affleck's Batman costume is the most comic book accurate we have seen on the big screen so far. Taking heavy inspiration from the Dark Knight Returns, this incarnation of Batman is shaping up to be the best ever on film!

Hand imprint.

Am i the only one that happens to see that nod right there?

Dark Knight Returns cover page nod?

Oh Snyder you clever dog you.

Justice League comics/cartoons.

Dreams eventually do become a reality sooner rather than later don't they?

AND TO TOP IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!.

Bravo! Ladies and Gentlemen, have a nice night.

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