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Amy Schumer appeared out of nowhere this year, hilariously stumbling into our lives with a hit comedy show and a highly anticipated movie, Trainwreck. Her fame has risen so much that she was regarded as one of Time’s 100 Most influential Artists in 2015. The 34-year old talent is best known for her work on Inside Amy Schumer and Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff. Her popularity amongst peers and the comedy community has granted her greater recognition from the rest of Hollywood.

These days, Schumer’s career is on the rise. Her show is currently set for a fourth season, and she is starring in an upcoming movie, as well as performing in a highly regarded standup special for HBO. A particular title she is growing to embrace is movie star. With her first feature film Trainwreck just hitting cinemas, Schumer seems to be fast becoming one of the funniest actresses in the industry.

Milk Milk Lemonade. Tune.
Milk Milk Lemonade. Tune.

As a child, Schumer was raised in Manhattan, New York. When her father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it sent her family through adversity resulting in divorce. For Schumer, it birthed her unusual quirk to undercut any serious problem with laughter and humour. Even through such adversities, Schumer retains her strong family values. She is extremely close to her sister who lives 6 blocks away from her and grew as a significant MS activist, having been impacted by her father’s condition.

An unconventional delight from Hollywood, Schumer is an actress that demonstrates substance over style, making her living through self-deprecating humour, over-sharing hilarious stories about her embarrassing youth, and outlandishly creating satire and parody about controversial topics such as race and rape. Her show Inside Amy Schuemer has received both a Peabody Award and a Critic’s Choice Award.

Even though she has had her successful show on comedy central for several years, it was hosting the MTV Movie Awards and her little trip with power couple Kim and Kanye that brought her into the eyes of mainstream media. Her honest humour split audiences as long-time devoted fans are happy to see Schumer expand her presence in Hollywood whilst others were confused and even offended by her type of comedy.

Lighten up, Kanye...
Lighten up, Kanye...

With such untraditional mannerisms, she knows she’s going to get some heat, especially for supporting Hilary Clinton in the next election. Schumer’s strong stance on feminism and other hot topics will also raise a few eyebrows. However, the admirable thing about Schumer is that she stays unapologetically true to herself.

Opportunities are now rolling in for Schumer but she is being very selective with her choice of work. She doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as the funny, fat friend of the desirable female lead. With large audiences coming to watch the film she wrote, produced and starred in, she has proved that she has the star power to draw in viewers. She is now currently working on a script for a new movie with Katie Dippold who was associated with The Heat and the Ghostbuster reboot. “It’s the only script I’ve read that I really responded to,” says Schumer. She might even direct it! This woman is unstoppable!

At the end of the day, the amazing Amy Schumer is a really down to earth gem in Hollywood who would rather wear grey sweatpants than a tight, cocktail dress. She’s a woman who’s never afraid to make light of any situation or expose the issues that strongly impact her. With such great talent and wonderful projects in play, Schumer looks to be the next big thing in comedy! Be sure to check her out in her romantic comedy Trainwreck in cinemas now.


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