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In a time of great turmoil when the entire universe is crying out for help only the best of the best can hope to save it. These four heroes rise up to defend the universe with style and kick-ass moves, all while looking totally bad ass!

Team Leader:

Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Princess Diana hears the cries for help and takes initiative in recruiting the multiverse's most fierce warriors. Princess Diana is a natural leader being the Champion, and Princess, of the Amazons, so she, naturally, takes lead of the assembled warriors and trains them in the Amazon ways to strengthen & broaden their skills for upcoming war for the all of reality. Princess Diana leads the charge with fierce fighting prowess utilizing her spear & short sword, ready to defeat the entire army with her three teammates. Though the threat is of galactic proportions, defeating gods, and having become one herself has given her the confidence to face anything, especially with her new team of warriors at her side. Her strength, speed, reflexes, skills, & thousands of years of experience make her not only a great leader, but a great asset.

1st Pick: Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess television series)

Of course the Amazon Princess finds this Warrior Princess and immediately recruits her. Xena has worked with many Amazons and is so well versed in the Amazon ways she's in sync with the Amazon Princess to the point where it seems as if they're sharing the same mind. Her skills as a warrior, leader of the world's greatest army, leader of the Valkyrie, and slaying of the Olympian gods and even defeating gods from around the world, all leave the warrior princess standing side by side with Wonder Woman as her second in command.

2nd pick: Alice (Resident Evil film series)

Diana saw the this superpowered heroine and knew she had to have her on the team. This girl keeps stopping the end of the world, and Diana was hoping, help her stop the end of all reality. Alice is a lethal combatant with her strength, speed, skills, and psionic abilities, taking on much larger foes and several opponents at once with ease. This zombie slayer is a great addition to the team in the battle to save all life.

3rd pick: Rayne (BloodRayne video game series)

Diana's third pic was a little unorthodox, but as soon as she saw this fiery haired girl in action, she knew she would be a great ally with her regenerative abilities, unique fighting style, and range of paranormal powers. Rayne is a fierce and brutal fighter hacking most enemies to bits. For the tougher opponents she utilizes her super strength, speed, and to have a little fun with her prey, uses her "aura vision" to find them in the dark. Rayne also has other abilities that make her a unique asset to the team, such as her ability to drain her preys life force from a distance and even possess them. She is the ultimate vampire/mister slayer and relishes in the gore of it. One thing that Diana recognized, and was ultimately the deciding factor for her, was Rayne's connection to humankind, although if you ask Rayne, she'll deny it.

These four bad ass action heroes are perfect team to defend the entire multiverse they have all face nearly impossible odds only to end up on top and their sympathy for humankind keeps them ready to face anything with fierce determination.


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