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Blood, guts and gore have never really been the subject matter that I find scary. End of the world scenarios consisting of space, natural disasters or zombies really don't make me flinch. But living in a world with no breathable air, now that is downright terrifying.

Imagine this - the world's oxygen has been poisoned by chemical warfare, and your country's government says they are doing everything they can to protect and save the lives of their people. However, what they are really doing is making provisions to save the best and brightest - leaders in government, science and more - so when the toxicity levels out, they can rebuild.

In this chamber, way below ground, these pillars of the community are in a hypersleep, waiting, dreaming of the days when the air will be breathable again. Charged with their care are teams of two people, who wake every six months to maintain the chambers and check the air levels.

Air, the latest movie from Robert Kirkman and Skybound, portrays the story of two of those people, Cartwright (Djimon Hounsou) and Bauer (Norman Reedus) as they end a sleep cycle and transition to breathable air. A seemingly normal routine quickly goes wrong when one of the two is shown to be hallucinating one of the sleepers. The slow decent into madness creates some serious problems for the pair, and causes a loss of trust when one of them nearly dies because of it.

A desperate mission to fix the mistake, and a devastating realization causes Cartwright and Bauer to turn on each other. What ensues after that is nothing short of an intense and nail-biting rush to preserve their lives and their air.

In an effort to keep this spoiler-free, I will simply say that Air should have been given a much wider release. Available in only a handful of cities around the country, you can also find this flick on a number of download services like iTunes and Amazon Prime, or from your cable provider's OnDemand Service.

This is definitely one you don't want to miss. In a world of reboots, revivals and books turned to movies, it really is a breath of fresh air.

Pun absolutely intended. Watch this movie, it's worth every second.


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