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"A long time ago, in a galaxy when George Lucas made good movies"; Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were released. Both movies received praise, as they should have, because they both are two of the greatest film of all time. While the third installment of the original Star Wars Trilogy, Return Of The Jedi, let some fans down. While I was not let down by the film,I have to point out that every major character in this film who meets their end; dies in a way where a four year old wrote the script. (Spoiler) Boba Fett, Jabba The Hutt, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Vader all die in this film. All antagonists and characters with enormous followings. Darth Vader and Boba Fett are the franchises two most iconic characters in the whole saga and the two deserved a more memorable send off than they received. Here I analyze each character send off, and how future movies can avoid the "Boba Fett death."

What a way to go eh? Probably the worst death in cinema history, it's laughable at how bad it is. Fans were pissed, and still are. Yes, there are people who claim "He's alive!" Well until Battlefront comes out from EA games and I see The Force Awakens, I have yet to be proven otherwise. At least I didn't see this in the cinema, I might have thrown my popcorn at the screen and stormed off into the bathroom yelling "Bantha Fodder!" a dozen times. In the meantime, our favorite bounty hunter rests in the Sarlac Pitt's stomach; and we all pray for his return.

Following the previous disaster, we quickly get this atrocious unbelievable scene. Maybe Lucas was trying to tell us that slaves break their chains by strangling their owners necks? If that was the metaphor going through his mind it's not really smart, and it's a lame way to kill off the most vile gangster in the galaxy. Seriously, feed this guy to the Rancor, kick him overboard, or blow his ass to kingdom come. And this was Han Solo's kill. All the pain he's caused him, he deserved as much.

If you're going to explain the force the way you do to us, you have to follow the rules. I saw Darth Vader throw Luke through a window in Empire Strikes Back with using only his mind. If Vader could do that, then why the hell couldn't Palpatine get Vader off of him? And it's not like Vader was his old strong self. He'd just gotten the puss kicked out of him by Luke and his hang chopped off. If Palpatine is the most powerful Sith in the galaxy, he never should have died like this. He, and we deserved much, much more. The force is not strong with this one. Oh, and it caused Darth Vader's death......Thanks...

At least we were given this heartfelt scene with Anakin and Luke. It made up for all the ridiculous losses in this movie. It made us realize how strong the force is, and how it connects father's and sons, daughters and mothers. All family.


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