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If you haven't already heard the weirdly awesome news, NBC and DC Comics are teaming up to bring us a show in the style of The Office, set in the DC Universe! Powerless is about "one of the worst insurance companies in America", and will center on powerless people in a world with superheroes and villains.

The need for an insurance company in the DC Universe is high, with superheroes and villains almost always causing damage to something or someone with their antics. Some incredibly strong heroes, like Superman, have even caused citywide destruction on several occasions! So the show won't have a shortage of insurance claims to cover.

The Office formula is also a good idea, with it being so popular and recognizable. The Muppets, an upcoming ABC show, is also mimicking the mockumentary style of the influential show.

It's unknown which superheroes will be showing up, or if the show is part of the larger DCTV Universe started by CW's Arrow. But honestly, the show already sounds like a big hit, even without that knowledge!

But obviously, due to the premise of the show and the nature of the DCU, there are going to be a TON of superhero/villain-related situations in this show! After all, an insurance company in a world with costumed vigilantes - more than half of which are actual gods - will have no trouble keeping busy.

Here are 5 superhero insurances that the "worst insurance company" simply has to have!

5. Superhero Auto Insurance

Most of the superheroes in the DC Universe need a little help getting around. If there's crime happening way on the other side of Gotham, Batman can't get there in time without his trusty Batmobile.

Likewise, Wonder Woman is usually in charge of getting the Justice League from point A to Point B in her Invisible Jet! So what happens when a superhero gets in a wreck? If they don't have any insurance, they're doomed!

Powerless has to offer iconic DC heroes auto insurance, so that they can feel safe knowing that their precious vehicles are covered - should they ever get into an accident. After all, accidents happen right? Green Arrow should be able to make sure that his hardly used Arrowmobile is safe no matter what!

Of course, there are some cases that will question what is and isn't eligible for insurance coverage. The Flash, for example, uses the Cosmic Treadmill to TRAVEL through time. But then's a treadmill. Does that really count as an automobile?

4. 'Man Of Steel' Insurance

The chances of Superman showing up in Powerless are very slim, as he's simply too big a part of the DCEU (the film universe) for another person to play him in a DC TV series. But that doesn't mean he won't be a huge part of the show.

Superman is a destruction and chaos magnet - no battle he's ever participated in has ended without at least a few buildings collapsing! Man of Steel is a prime example of Superman's skyscraper abuse. It's not like he tries to cause so much damage, it just comes naturally with being a god-like alien being with enough strength to kill a man by blowing on him!

I imagine that Superman's destructive tendencies will be a recurring theme in the show, so much so that they'll probably have to come up with a type of insurance specifically for people suffering from Superman-related issues.

Has your entire apartment building disappeared, with nothing but the pipes that used to be connected to it where you left it? Call the good folks at 1-800-Superflop and get Man of Steel insured today!

3. Help For Batman's Long Line Of Victims

Has this ever happened to you? You're going about your regular crook business, whether it be robbing a bank or guarding the secret lair of a supervillain, and all of a sudden you get this horrible chill down your spine. You think maybe it's because you're in Gotham, a city that's cold and dark pretty much all year round; but then, you see it. Two glowing white eyes staring at you in the darkness. And before you can even say a word, a black boot connects with your face!

If that situation sounds familiar, you might just be one of the many, MANY unlucky souls to have crossed paths with the terrifying Dark Knight! Batman may not be able to demolish buildings with his bare fists like some of his fellow heroes, but he'll absolutely wreck a bad guy's rib cage!

Most of the people Batman uses as a punching bag are criminals, so one might argue that they deserve it. But if you've ever read a comic, played a game or watched a movie starring Batman, you'd know that he tends to go a little...overboard. I mean, I get that guy is mugging that old lady, but no need to break his jaw on the sidewalk Bats!

The insurance company in Powerless can expect a ton of calls and walk-ins from injured Batman victims. Of course, the fact that they're criminals might actually affect their insurance, depending on what the requirements are. Oh well, at least the Caped Crusader left you a tiny shred of your dignity.

2. I Didn't Sign Up For This Great Responsibility

When living in a world with powerful superhero and supervillains, pretty much any job you have is a serious risk. But no job is as risky as being a scientist. It doesn't even matter what kind of science you specialize in! Whether you study cells, weather or food science, there's a 95% chance you're going to have an accident one day, and get granted phenomenal superpowers.

For some superheroes, like Barry Allen, this was a huge positive. Getting to run faster than the speed of light, time and anything else measured by speed is an awesome power! But not everybody shares The Flash's excitement.

If you're a scientist, or a person with an equally dangerous job, you might want to look into getting a "Sudden Mutation" insurance claim. After all, why should you have to change your entire life plans, just because you stared at the full moon during a lightning storm next to some highly dangerous chemicals? You didn't sign up to become 'Thunder Wolf'!

The good folks from Powerless should be able to hook you up! Unfortunately, they might not be able to do much about your biannual werewolf transformations...

1. Asylum Guards Are Seriously Underpaid

Bruce Wayne is a very brave man, there's no questioning that. He's had to face the toughest challenges, and battle the craziest people to slip out from the shadows of Gotham City. But Bruce has had YEARS to build up the mentality and physical attributes needed to face these psychos night after night. A regular man would probably relieve himself if he had to come face-to-face with the likes of The Joker, Harley Quinn and others!

So why in the name of Alfred T. Pennyworth are normal people working at Arkham Asylum?! The Asylum on Arkham island is home to most - if not all - of Batman's large and incredibly dangerous Rogues Gallery! Now, I'm positive that these guards have had to go through many months of intense training before they could get a job at Arkham, but that's nothing compared to what Batman had to go through!

Batman had to train under an elite group of ninjas for years before he could muster up the courage to stare a murderous clown in the face without dirtying his Bat-Shorts! The poor guards at AA will definitely need insurance—should they ever get injured on the job. While many of Batman's enemies don't have superpowers, they're still supervillains, and definitely warrant a visit to the office of Powerless to make sure you're covered if The Riddler decides that he wants to play an advanced game of 'Would You Rather'.

So those are the 5 superhero related insurances I hope that DC/NBC's insurance company offers! I'm positive they'd make for some pretty hilarious situations!

Source: Deadline

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