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Team Captain- The Leader

A good leader always needs to have a plan and when you have the intelligence, and when it comes to the Leader this Gamma powered villain always has something on his mind.

The leader is as Smart as the Hulk is strong meaning it holds no bonds. There are no limits to what he can achieve when he sets his sight on something. The leader Generally allows his team mates to d all the heavy lifting providing unbeatable strategy and enhancements to his already unstoppable team of heroes The Leader is only in this for one simple reason. This is his world to rule no one else's and if it means he needs to align himself with heroes to do so he will.... for now.

First Round Pick- Trafalgar Law

The Doctor of Death Trafalgar Law is my Second Pick. The eater of the Op-op Fruit There are no limits to the capabilities Law can do for his team. Whether it be performing impossible surgeries or simply holding the front lines thanks to his devil fruit powers he can accomplish both. The power of the Op- Op fruit extends to law creating an invisible barrier or "room" within the room law can remove limbs and organs without killing, Swap him or other with for random objects with Shamble and even switch peoples bodies ( What a way to to infiltrate behind enemy lines). Law only has one true weakness, The ocean. As a side effect of gaining these abilities he is no longer able to come in contact with sea water or sea stone. With the help of the leader though It is obvious this will not be a problem there are probably thousands of solutions to this trivial setback.

Second Round Pick- Rogue

In comes the Energy Vampire/mutant with southern charm to boot. But don't let that distract you as one touch of rogues skin can kill you and supply her with what she needs. With the ability to drain people of their very essence Rogue gains a temporary access to your memories, skills and even powers! The longer she is contact with you the longer she has your abilities as such a case with Ms. Marvel where she gained her powers permanently. Rogue is the ultimate information gatherer and fighter at the touch of a hand to the point where it is possible ( with the help of the Leader) for her to gain access to her team mates powers. Adding a Doctor of death and Super genius Hybrid to the fray.

Third round pick- The Amazo

Yet When you have the perfect formula for a mimic Why not have two?

Just like Rogue the Amazo has the ability to copy superhuman abilities and fighting styles without any of the side effects or the need for physical contact either. Unfortunately this is all his abilities extend to, he is unable to gather information like rogue but still provide the perfect front line soldier, being a machine his death would not be a casualty as he can be rebuilt even better and more menacing than before.


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