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Jeff Wheatcraft The San Pedro Poltergeist at the infamous  home
Jeff Wheatcraft The San Pedro Poltergeist at the infamous home

San Pedro, California - according to those who investigated this case is quite possibly home to what was one of the most extraordinary recorded incidents of paranormal phenomenon ever.

It's said to be one of the most dangerous placed for an investigator to visit also. Not something you will hear much in the paranormal world I find but as recent as 2008 (20 years after the Jackie Hernandez case began), the residence here has been subject to investigation - and many of those whom actually did the investigating allegedly report being followed home by the spirits which are said to reside here.

Something the investigators of this case from the 1980's - where It received It's reputation - also report. The strange occurrences don't end here though of course, one of whom was investigating here was, as I mentioned, almost strangled while investigating the strange noises emanating from the attic and was only saved by a fellow investigator whom was with him. Or so the story goes...
This house seemingly is one that certainly shouldn't be taken lightly, believer in the paranormal or not.

I'll begin by discussing the history of this story, the people involved and the house itself first and foremost...

The Californian residence (which I won't name) was the site of what was seemingly a very very volatile spirit indeed. This house full of strange unexplained occurrences - even physical attacks and not always on the main source of the attention - Jackie Hernandez herself. Full body apparitions have been sighted (by numerous witnesses might I add), objects were thrown, lamps smashed, strange red liquid bled from the walls, physical scars. This seemingly not a typical haunting at all. Not in the slightest

It all began in the late 80's not along after Jackie moved in there I believe. She started to notice certain unusual activity occurring - particularly centered around herself, objects moving on there own as well as strange voices from nowhere, bangs, thumps and on ocations clear sightings - which were allegedly seen by her, her children and also the neighbours - The neighbours being the ones who actually called out the help from an investigator after Jackie was reluctant to do so out of fear of ridicule.

In the attic, there was a nail on one of the rafters I believe, on that nail was a piece of clothesline cord, well, what happened next was this loud bang - then continuous moan from none other than Jeff Wheatcraft - He was seemingly being attacked at this point.

Genuine paranormal case..Or a hoaxer?

The Investigator whom was sought out was none other than the well known para-psychologist, Dr. Barry Taff - the investigator who was also involved with the famous "Entity" case also. The case which spawned a movie. From this article I'm citing he allegedly links the 2 cases together citing the extreme similarities from both Jackie Hernandez and from Doris Bither themselves as opposed to the spirit seemingly present - both according to Taff perfectly fitting into the stereotypical sufferer from poltergeist activity:

According to Dr. Taff, Jackie fit the bill of a quintessential poltergeist victim. Jackie came from a very volatile background. Suffering from severe mental duress, she had an uncanny resemblance to Doris Bither’s background. Abused by men, violent lifestyle, mental anguish and depression. Like most poltergeist victims, Jackie lived in an unhealthy environment in which one can argue that was conducive to extreme acts of psychokinetic violence.
Upon starting their investigation, Dr. Taff and his team heard loud scuffling coming from the attic. In what he recalls as “a 200 pound rat running around the attic” the noises were loud enough for everyone to hear. According to Jackie, she said that it was the ghost of the disembodied head she had seen earlier in the attic. When Joe and myself interviewed Barry Conrad who was the cameraman, he mentioned to us that there had been several documentary crews that went to the house, and taking footage only from the outside, they could hear the same loud and heavy scuffling in the attic. The latest report was in late September of 2008.

Upon investigation, alongside Professional Cameraman Barry Conrad, Larry Wheatcraft (Who became famous because of this case due his attack) and a few others, remember he was a well known para-psyhologist, reported the same occurrences as Jackie previously had done.

The noises, the scratching, everything else. Even the mysterious strange red ooze began to drip down the walls and out from kitchen cupboards etc. again (see below)

The Blood dripping  from the walls.
The Blood dripping from the walls.

But, the extraordinary thing about this in particular Is that Taff managed to get a sample done of this "ooze" at a forensics lab at UCLA and It was confirmed to be human blood plasma.

Please read this interesting snippet below:

Then there were the reports of some form of ectoplasmic ooze that seemed to drip down from various places in the home. While the team investigated, the ooze manifested itself. Barry Conrad quickly managed to catch that on tape. The ooze was studied and taken to a forensics lab at UCLA. The results were that it was human blood plasma with high levels of iodine and copper. It’s important to note that the team reported smelling like rust or oxidation when entering the home. There was also the overwhelming stench of decomposing matter, which is a good indicator of a haunting.

during the investigation, Jeff Wheatcraft and Larry Brooks - 2 of the investigators, had decided to go up to the attic of the house as that was where much of the activity was based. They went up with there cameras also in the hope of capturing something extraordinary.

But, upon taking pictures, It wasn't long before major activity started to occur - just before being able to take the third and final picture, Jeff Wheatcraft (who become center of much of the attention in this case) reported that he had heard a noise behind him in the dark attic. Without turning around, he swung his camera around and started snapping pictures. Seconds after he took that picture, something snatched the camera away from his hand and threw it several feet away from him.

Jeff was one of the hardcore skeptics of the crew - one of the deciding factors in him going up in the first place I would assume, but he was from reports obviously shaken up from the events which had just occurred as one would expect. They swiftly left after this occurrence only to later decided to go back up there in the hope of retrieving there there camera and bizarrely, after searching could not find it anywhere. Until they noticed a small crate in the corner of the room that is and upon looking inside, finally found the camera - and with the lens missing. Something which they then spotted near some rafters.

After reporting this to the crew downstairs, Barry Conrad, the cameraman, decided to take his video camera to the attic in the hope of capturing activity as It was more than obviously highly likely to do so at this time more than any other. The only issue was, after fitting through the small porthole into the attic, his camera mysteriously stopped working. No matter what he did, It just wouldn't work...Until he came out of the attic again that was. And this repeated itself every time It was taken into the attic, It just kept malfunctioning.

As all the crew was preparing to leave for good. They then reported a 'malodorous scent' completely filling the entire attic. Then the skeptic, Wheatcraft randomly deciding to flew while in the attic at which point, promply followed by Conrad also. He claims that he could remember having felt a "bony" hand running along his lower back.

He was about to close the attic back up also when suddenly he shouted to the others that he could see three lights. Within moments, a large black mass manifested itself briefly before vanishing suddenly once more. Neither was anything caught on film nor video during the entire event.

Later, after suffering through tremendous pain from his lower back, Wheatcraft would claim, after visits to a local chiropractor that he had suffered "Massive internal bruising of his back." Presumably from the ghostly hand.

The Ghostly Hanging of a crew member

Upon there return, one of the most extraordinary incidents I've ever come across while studying Paranormal cases occurred. There return being around a month after the previous one I believe, due to frantic calls by none other than Jackie Hernandez herself reporting a massive influx of activity - in one incident a feeling as if someone was trying to smother her, the crew deciding to go to the attic once more as that was where almost all of the activity was occurring from and that's where it had all previously come from also.

It was this though which was seemingly a huge mistake from them as shortly after entering here, all whom were there, report hearing a strange clicking noise. Almost like someone was literally snapping there fingers at them - then the most extraordinary incident of the entire investigations events occurred - the attempted Hanging of the crew member, Wheatcraft.

Here is a snippet from one of the investigators on there own site I believe:

Fully alert, I instinctively powered up my video camera and prepared to roll in case anything else should happen. The girls grew more nervous by the second and then suddenly a very loud, distinct trio of snapping sounds echoed through the room. The sounds were so clear that it seemed as if an invisible man were present snapping his fingers. "Snap! Snap! Snap!"

In the attic, there was a nail on one of the rafters I believe, on that nail was a piece of clothesline cord, well, what happened next was this loud bang - then continuous moan from none other than Jeff Wheatcraft - He was seemingly being attacked at this point.

One of the fellow investigators actually managed to capture an image at the exact moment Jeff was seemingly attacked by an unknown force. Here is the image captured of Jeff Wheatcraft during his attack where he was found hung on the nail attached to the rafters with a piece of cord around his neck:

Jeff Wheatcraft
Jeff Wheatcraft

Here he is directly after as they swiftly left the attic. The piece of cord can be seen around his neck still, It was apparently being twisted during the event also.

(see the video below - more images of the events can be seen also in the video provided):

The piece of cord  around Jeff's neck after attack
The piece of cord around Jeff's neck after attack

Here's yet another direct snippet from one of the investigators on there own site I believe:

"I've got to get out of here!" Jeff's voice trembled, "It's definitely raising hell!" "Oh, my God..." Susan Castaneda cupped a hand over her open mouth as her eyes transfixed the opening with disbelief. Jackie stood dumbfounded and in awe as the scene before us crushed every ounce of logic from our minds.
"It put something around my neck!" Jeff yelled down to us from above. "I've gotta get outta here!" My heart almost froze with fear as I noticed a weathered clothesline cord dangling from my friend's swollen neck as he stiffly emerged from the hole above. It was at this instant that we all felt the pangs of incredible disbelief.

Whatever was there, It pulled Jeff onto the nail on the rafters (If I remember correctly, he blacked out for a short period of time here), and It placed the cord around his neck and tightened It. All seemingly happening is too fast a time for Wheatcraft to have done it himself, and going from the pictures, It's hard to see how he possibly could have done it himself.

If he went up alone, He may well have been strangled. the events, Jeff Wheatcraft

Here is a video from just after the events, Jeff Wheatcraft can be seen as resembling a something of a ghost himself and is clearly shaken up by the events:

Jackie Hernandez to this day still resides in San Pedro but certainly not in the same residence anymore - It's one she'll more than likely never go back to. And It's no wonder really - despite whatever was living there seemingly following her to her new home time and time again, I believe no one else has ever survived living in the same residence where the activity was most active and where the investigations above occurred for longer than a period of 6 months.

It could be down to hype - or there could be a genuine Spirit living here causing terror for more families. We don't know. Anyways, I will surely be posting more and..

I hope you found this As disturbing as I Did.

I wish you Goodluck & a Goodnight Sleep.


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