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Jay Vergara

I'm an immense fan of Kingsman: The Sercret Service. I'm also a big fan of its fans. They get real creative with how they show their love from awesome fan art to creative GIF sets on Tumblr. One of those fans is voordel over on youtube and they posted a video way back in June that really caught my eye. If you've haven't seen the movie yet, quick heads up, this clip does have spoilers.

The choice of music couple with amazing editing really makes this video stand out. The sense of timing is so on point down that it really makes this short clip pop.

Voordel's youtube channel only has a couple of edits but all of them are amazing and you should definitely check them out. You can show them some love over at their YouTube channel or on Tumblr.

Have you stumbled on any great fan creations lately?


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