ByMatthew Jarrett, writer at
Matthew Jarrett
Wonder Woman was designed and created by a noted misogynist, after all, and most more recent designs were created and continue to be drawn by men who had their first erections to Vampirella and WW. Times are changing, though, as evidenced even in this article by referencing the new Captain Marvel and the evolving sensibilities of Supergirl's design. Even the movies are addressing it, with Gal Gadot's less-than-voluptuous figure filling wonder Woman's battle armor. Still, comic books are fantasy, and largely male fantasy. This means that DDD bust sizes and Milo Manara-esque "fighting" poses aren't going away any time soon. I appreciate the design work here, and especially dig the Zatanna redesign as it's eons more contemporary, but the reality is that the market adjusts as the audience's sensibilities evolve. As female readership increases and the male market "matures" (yeah, that's gonna happen), and most especially as the books more and more emulate the films, what we see on the page will evolve right along with it.

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