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In round six of Marvel VS DC, The "Man Without Fear" Daredevil took on the "Clown Prince of Crime" The Joker and Green Lantern Corps' Hal Jordan went up against Nova Corps' Richard Rider. So how do we top that? How about two bike riding chain swinging bad asses and two tough street savvy vigilantes? We have The Main Man Lobo taking on the Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider. We also have the Avatar of Khonshu Moon Knight up against the disciple of Batman Nightwing.

Nightwing VS Moon Knight:

We all know the story of Dick Grayson parent's dying, Bruce Wayne taking him in after the tragedy, and becoming Batman's first sidekick and the first (and maybe the best) Robin. Despite being one of Batman's protégés, Grayson is NOT Batman. That doesn't mean he isn't a skilled as a combatant or a detective because he certainly is. But Dick Grayson is a different kind of vigilante and strives to be his own man. Nightwing isn't as aggressive as Batman and seems to believe in mercy more than Batman does. But to take him lightly will more than likely end up with you eating from a straw in a Gotham hospital. He has all the stealth Batman does but is quicker, faster, and more agile than Batman will ever be. That athleticism added with his martial arts training and superb intelligence makes him a threat to anyone.

Moon Knight in one word? Durable. Moon Knight is in the top three toughest vigilantes in comics. Best way to describe his fighting style is a quote from Taskmaster when he said Moon Knight has never met a punch he wouldn't rather take than dodge. Funny, but very true. Moon Knight admits that he doesn't have all the slick moves of a Captain America or Daredevil, but what he lacks in fancy kicks, he makes up for with extreme and creative brutality. Moon Knight has an arsenal of Egyptian and moon themed weapons and armor that allow him to continue serving Khonshu as his avatar of vengeance. He goes out every night and seeks revenge on wrong does. Most recently he has be charged by Kohnshu to protect the travelers of the night. When he isn't hearing or seeing Khonshu, he can also be seen visualizing himself as Wolverine, Spider-Man, or Captain America and using their fighting styles, weapons, and catch phrases. Moon Knight might be the only person who could challenge Joker or Sentry for the title of craziest.

How does Nightwing Win:

"I hit him harder than I should. Not sure why. It worries me that it feels so right"-Nightwing

Nightwing is going to have to use every skill and gadget he has in his arsenal and some of the weapons he used during his short time as Batman. Moon Knight may pride himself on being tougher than most and being able to take a beat down, but if Nightwing is throwing smoke-bombs and smacking him in the head over and over again with his staff, eventually Moon Knight will go down.

How does Moon Knight Win:

"It's never about what you think it is. Still, someone has to do this. Still, someone has to do the fun stuff. Still, the blade must praise its lord. Still, people want to know, how can I live like this? The blood I've spilled. The blood yet to be spilled. Still, the answer is the same. How could I live any other way?"-Moon Knight

Moon Knight has to be the ruthless, sadistic, brutal guy that has given him the reputation that he has justly recieved. Moon Knight can't allow Nightwing to jump around and turn this fight into a game of cat and mouse. Ground him, keep him down, and beat him down. Use all the moves and weapons that he would only use on villains. Kick him in the groin, throw a chained hook in his face, and pull the chain when it hits his flesh. Show him that everything the Joker has done is nothing compared to what he can do. If Moon Knight goes all out, this will please Khonshu and he will give his avatar a little more of a boost in his strength and durability.

Ghost Rider VS Lobo:

Ignore the fact that Nicholas Cage was the worst super hero ever and focus on the facts. Ghost Rider is one of the underrated characters of Marvel. He's almost as Strong as Ben Grimm, he has the ability to cast magic spells, he has literally been through Hell and back, and he has a bad-ass flaming motorcycle that he rides and uses to fight evil. Ghost Rider isn't a skilled fighter like Iron Fist, Wolverine, or Shang Chi. Ghost Rider is more of a bar room brawler who's mastered the use of his flaming chain. But I guess when you have a flaming chain, super strength, a healing factor, and can spit fire and cast spells, being able to perform a roundhouse kick isn't a big deal.

Lobo is an arrogant jack-ass. When you have the strength and stamina to go toe to toe with Superman and possibly win, you have the right to be a bit conceited. Lobo has Superman level strength, a Wolverine level sense of smell, and, this is not an exaggeration, he's immortal. Lobo, like Ghost Rider, is more of a barroom brawler when it comes to a fighting style. Lobo's style may be more effective than Johnny Blaze's because of his strength and willingness to kill just because he feels like it.

How does Ghost Rider Win:

"This fire ain't meant to scald the chars the soul."-Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider can't match Lobo strength for strength. But he can definitely match him with brutality. If Johnny Blaze lets Zarathos (The spirit that gives Blaze his power) he is just as ruthless (if not more ruthless) than Lobo. Seeing as how Ghost Rider is the spirit of vengeance, he will probably revel in the chance to serve justice for the victims of Lobo. Ghost Rider might also gain an advantage dragging Lobo to Hell or other unearthly plains where he might gain more power and strength. If all that fails, there is no way Lobo isn't taken down by The Penance Stare. All the souls of the people he has wronged all hitting him at once would probably leave Lobo catatonic.

How does Lobo Win:

"Not only am I doing you for free, fella -- I'm gonna kill you in a brand new -- and utterly disgusting -- way!"-Lobo

Lobo may act like a fool, but he is far from an idiot. Lobo's best chance is to drag Ghost Rider into Space. Ghost Rider may be able to build some sort of space motorcycle out of whatever is floating around in space, but even then, Lobo has fought in space more times than Blaze and this gives him an advantage. If Lobo knows about Ghost Rider's Penance Stare before hand, Lobo is not against fighting with his eyes clothes and letting his enhanced senses helping win this fight. Lobo won't hesitate to kill Johnny Blaze in his mortal form before he can change into the Rider. I also wouldn't be shocked if Lobo tried to snort the Rider's flaming skull.

Thanks for reading. Let me know who you think would and why in the comments. Also, let me know who you think should fight next.


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