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Back in the 70s and 80s, Hollywood was booming with fresh ideas and initiatives. As a result, we have seen advancements in terms of technology and visual effects. Movies like Back to the Future and The Terminator are result of those initiatives. As the new millennium started, Hollywood seemed to be losing its hold as it relied on the successful projects of the past in the forms of remakes and reboots, instead of innovative ideas. Aside from a few independent productions, presently Hollywood focuses on rehashing the ideas from past and to cash in on them. While some of it succeeds in pleasing its audience, a major share of them degrade the original’s status. If Hollywood insists on rebooting, I think a better approach would be to do so in a TV show medium. With a wider reach and a perfect medium for deep character study, TV serials can convey the message of a story more effectively than a movie. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones already proved it. Here, I’m picking five, fan favorite movie franchises and analyzing them for the possibilities of them being a TV series.

The Lord of the Rings

JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth saga is already a successful movie franchise, thanks to the magnificent direction of Peter Jackson. He even made a trilogy out of the Hobbit book as a prequel to the saga. So, why do we need another adaptation? A Television adaptation to be exact? One reason: Game of Thrones. We have seen what HBO has done with the George R.R. Martin's creation. It’s a mind blowing, dedicated adaptation that every fantasy lover adores. Middle Earth is as eventful as Westeros, and if anyone asks me if I am are satisfied with Lord of the Rings trilogy, I would say no. It’s not because the movies are bad, but the source wasn’t completely explored. Much like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings has an immense collection of subplots, and a series adaptation might help it to provide a more detailed view over the subject than the movies.

Back to the Future

One of my all time favorites, Back to the Future is a movie that we don’t want rebooted. It had an innovative idea for its time and a perfect cast with an iconic duo of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The chemistry between Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly is impossible to replicate, and it will be a huge gamble for the studio to try that. Still, there are talks about a reboot which will feature a new set of actors. It might be successful but with the performance of similar reboots like Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys, it’s highly unlikely. Yet, there is a possibility for a TV adaptation, which will work as a Doctor Who-like adventure drama, which won’t be hurting the status of the original. Back to the Future already had an animated series, so it won’t be a difficult task to take it to live television.

Men in Black

Much like Back to the Future, Men in Black has an animated series to signal its presence in Television, and if it was developed as a supernatural thriller series, it would be the best thing to do to its source. There are only three movies that have released in this franchise, and all of them were box office successes. But, as the franchise is getting old along with its actors, a reboot is imminent. To convert it into a TV series is much more economical and effective. Men In Black has a setting that is similar to X-Files with much more entertaining elements. It’s a shame to see this potentially brilliant source go unused.

snake Plissken/Escape Franchise

We have seen a number of lone worriers including John McClane and John Rambo. Among them, Snake Plissken is a much more marketable character for a number of reasons. The dystopian setting and the combat methods make Plissken a fan favorite. There is chance for the resurrection of the Escape franchise, if you are aware of the recent trends. Kurt Russell himself mentioned such a possibility when he talked about Plissken. Whether it’s a fact or not, Plissken is an interesting character and his world is bleak and eventful. It’s a perfect set for a television series, full of mind-blowing action and some twisty storylines.

The Matrix

Everybody needs justice. We need it, Neo deserves it. The Wachowski brothers’ brain child was the biggest thing on earth once, but the lackluster sequels were considered some of the biggest misfires in cinema history. Fans started speculations about the outcomes and possibilities of the whole franchise, as the mash up of entertainment and philosophy killed the viewing experience for some. Presently, most of its fans will have a detailed story line of what might’ve happened, or what should’ve happened in The Matrix. Simply put, everyone wants to go back to the matrix, and Animatrix isn’t enough for us. Since TV serials are depending on visual effects like never before, now would be the perfect time to revisit The Matrix, with a better, detailed and visually stunning version.


Which one of these movies would you enjoy as a TV series?


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