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Yes, she's a phenomenal actress who's absolutely killing it with everything she does. Yes, she's witty and gorgeous and yes, we can't help but love Jennifer Lawrence. But what is it that really makes her stand out from the rest? It has to be her sense of humor and how candid she is. I've been enjoying watching her antics on the internet for years and her 25th birthday seems to be the perfect occasion to share my favourite moments of her from various functions, interviews and events!

Worthy Mention

We all know Jennifer is obsessed with food and her openly embracing this makes her awesome.

5) This Photo-bomb

If Benedict Cumberbatch is the king of photobombs, Jlaw is definitely the Queen. Sneaking up on Taylor Swift making those faces was absolutely hilarious and enough to put the internet in a frenzy.

4) This Reply

"How did you learn to act so well?" is a question many professional actors have had to face at some time or the other during their careers. While some go for more serious and straight forward answers, others tend to go for more humorous ones. Few, however can probably strike the balance between both the way this woman did.

3) This Acknowledgement

What do you say when the world's biggest celebrities have witnessed you take a tumble on one of the world's most prestigious stages? Its rare that someone manages to deal with such a situation in the witty yet honest and adorable manner that Jennifer Lawrence did.

2) This Story

Many actresses over the last few years have made the decision to try out keeping their hair short. Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway are just two examples that come to mind. Unfortunately, all of them have been asked way too much about it and have had to justify it on more occasions than anyone should have to. Kudos to Jlaw for embracing it and actually deriving a hilarious story from it.

1) Once a Fan, Always a Fan!

Jennifer Lawrence has shown us that its okay to be in awe of those that you admire no matter how old you are or what your professional standing is. "If I ever become famous I'll be the way Jennifer Lawrence is around famous people" is a common sentiment on the internet. She's made it big, is among the most well known faces in the world, and yet isn't afraid of just being a fan!

Of course, this list could go on forever and there's many mention worthy moments not on it. These were just my personal favourites and ones I most remember when I think about her. Happy Birthday Jennifer, hope your streak of success continues and you never change!


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