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...d as other horrible superhero films. That's like saying this car crash wasn't as bad as the other car crash over there. That argument doesn't make it a good car crash and it doesn't make this film a good film. I think the expectations fans had of this movie were totally realistic as that's what we should expect from studios these days. This movie was so gungho to say it was from the same studio that made X-men Days of Future Past. That should be an indicator to audiences that they're going to put out another great film like that, not a ploy to trick people to come see crap. Again, while you said the casting was good (which I would mostly agree with) you said the expectation of development of those characters was too high. And yeah, I don't think fans are expecting the Wire or Citizen Kane, but the story arcs of the Fantastic Four need to be good as they are the main characters. You mention that you missed the story arc of Jean Grey, Cyclops and all those other characters in X-men. That really wasn't the best argument as the majority of those characters were side characters or victims of a bad movie (X-men: The Last Stand). X-men did give us good character arcs in Wolverine and Professor X because those were the focus of the good movies and that's what fans expected going into Fantastic Four. The main problem I had with this movie is the incredible lack of effort combined with how this could have been a really great movie. I'm not even a Fantastic Four fan and I saw the potential in this movie. The beginning, while not perfect, was a decent introduction to the characters. I thought the tone was fine, creating a sort of sci fi (almost horror, but not far enough for my liking) feeling instead of the standard superhero film we're used to. And then right when the movie seemed like it had potential, Trank, or Fox, or somebody dropped the ball. Any development of characters we had was thrown out, any sense of story was thrown out, and any sense of logic was thrown out. And the weird thing is, for what? Most cases I've come across where the movie is derailed by a studio it was in an effort to put more mindless action in the movie, but this just seemed to be an effort to get the movie done as soon as possible. Overall, whether it was Trank's fault, or Fox's fault, this movie didn't feel like a good film, or even an attempt at a good film, this movie felt like an obligation Fox had to keep the rights away from Marvel. Exactly the same way the other Fantastic Four films felt (although I would argue those had more effort put into them). While I'm not wild about the idea of Fantastic Four going back to Marvel, I feel like they would put more effort into it and give Fantastic Four fans and movie fans in general, a movie worth watching

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