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A while back I wrote an article on Namor and why I think he needs to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which you can read here. Suffice it to say I am a huge fan of the Sub-Mariner and would love to see him on screen soon.

For many people, it is a hero's rogues gallery that makes his story so much more appealing. Namor is no stranger to the comic book world, but many of his rogues may be.


Attuma is Namor's most noteworthy foe. He descends from a tribe of Atlanteans that had been exiled from Atlantis long ago. Thrust into slavery, he led an uprising that freed his people who then believed he was the fulfillment of a prophecy that spoke of one of their people who would sit on the Throne of Atlantis. The barbarian warlord has made many attempts at taking Atlantis, utilizing many minions, and is constantly pushed back.

My casting choice here would be Ron Perlman. A veteran able to bring great personality and presence to his roles, Perlman is someone who I would love to see in the MCU, and I believe a great villain like Attuma is a solid choice for him.

Another actor I could see here would be Dennis Haysbert. A more physically imposing presence with a booming voice, I could easily see him take the role and really shine.


Cousin to Namor, Byrrah is one of your more typical villains who is simply power hungry, wanting the throne for himself. More of a scheming politician than a full physical threat, Byrrah has sat on the throne numerous times when Namor has been pulled away by surface dealings. He also regularly makes his moves through others, notably Krang.

For this role I would look at Aiden Gillen. The man is a master schemer, known for his role as Petyr Baelish on Game of Thrones. That is the way I would honestly imagine a film, or series, based on Namor's character; a Game of Thrones underwater" type of tale. Gillen would absolutely own a role such as this.

A second option I would like would be Alexander Skarsgard. Known for playing Eric Northman in True Blood, Skarsgard is no stranger to a role like this. I think he could definitely own a role like this very well.


Born into a noble Atlantean family, Krang chose to take the military route from a young age. Ambitious and crafty, he rose quickly through the ranks. Seeing opportunity for further advancement, he sides with Byrrah in his quest to take the throne for himself.

For this role, I would go with Derek Mears. Possessing the size and ability, Mears would be a great choice in bringing Krang to life on screen.

Tiger Shark/Todd Arliss

Todd Arliss is a former Olympic swimmer who suffered spinal cord damage saving the life of a drowning man. He was offered a second chance by Dr. Lemuel Dorcas, who used a mix of Atlantean DNA along with that of a tiger shark to not only heal Arliss' spine but transform him into Tiger Shark. He crosses Namor on numerous occasions, and sometimes works with him. He has worked with Attuma, Krang, and even the Masters of Evil.

Luke Goss is someone I would really like to see here. No stranger to most fans of comic books movies, you would know Goss from Blade 2 as Nomak and Hellboy 2 as Prince Nuada. He is a solid actor, and brings great depth to his roles. He can also handle the physical side of his characters as well.

There are several other villains that could, and likely would, make appearances if Namor were brought to screen, Orka, Merrano, Dr. Dorcas, Llyra, and Naga to name a few. I still believe Marvel should and will bring Namor in at some point as the MCU continues to progress.

What say you?


Are We Likely to See Namor and His Rogues In the MCU?


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