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Marvel clearly is murdering DC at the box office churning out hit after hit with lesser known characters who have now become household names. I have seen all of the MCU movies, from iron man to ant man and have pretty much enjoyed all of them. However DC has the potential to surpass Marvel for a few different reasons.

1.) Realism

Marvel has had a very kid friendly happy go lucky approach to their films to this point. There has been very little deaths and consequences to the heroes actions to this point. Marvel tried to show in Daredevil a little bit of their dark side however I'm convinced you will never see that side of Marvel in the movies. DC has showed in the Batman V. Superman trailer that two gods battling through a city has repercussions. People are going to get pissed off... like Bruce Wayne. This element makes DC much more appealing to me personally.

2.) Full Cannon

If Marvel had all their characters available to use the MCU would more than likely have started completely differently and ended up looking a lot different to this point. The X-Men and fantastic four are two huge properties that Marvel can't use, and they just recently got Spider-Man, sort of. However Warner Brothers owns every DC property giving them limitless options on what they can do. We get to see the full Justice League in their full power ready to kick ass.

3.) Well known characters

The famous trio
The famous trio

Batman and Superman are without a doubt the two most well known superheroes there are, with Spider-Man coming in a close third. Add in Wonder Woman a strong woman lead that Marvel has yet to produce and you have a group of characters that are already very popular. This gives DC a head start almost. They don't have to tell people who these heroes are they can just show them being awesome.

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