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I love the TV series supernatural and i adore every single character except of Metatron, Iliterally hate him! I also watch many others seri
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So as you can understand I am writing about my favourite Harry Potter movie. Many of my friends keep telling me that the best movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I can't disagree it is a brilliant movie but not the favourite for me. So now I am going to tell you why Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is the best movie.

1. I like the age that Harry and the other guys have. I mean in my opinion it is just the right age for them because they are niether grown ups nor kids. The reason I like it is because as grown ups they have much more troubles, and as kids they can't defend themselves.

2. The fact that the movie keeps being more positive than the last movies.

3. I hate so much Umbridge and the feelings she cause to me are difficult to express. Because of my distaste for Umbridge I watch this movie over and over again, to see in the end how she fails.

4. Of curse I love this thing Dumbledore does with his Phoenix.

5. Furthermore, I like the fact that all the dear characters are gathered in Order of Phoenix to fight against the Dark Lord.

6. I love the moment when Fred&George Weasley kicked Umbridge's ass when Harry and his classmates were taking a test.

7. Sirious is still alive.. for a while.

But noooo!

8. I love the moment when Harry's friends encourage him to teach the others how to defend themselves against the dark powers.

9. The moment we saw Snape's memories about Harry's father. OMG

I like it that we find out what gutty his father was before Severus.

I have so many to add but I will never end, so i present you these nine reasons. I hope I have convinced you.


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