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So I'm not the typical Batman fanboy. I believe that, under the right circumstances, Batman COULD claim victory in some form over any battle. Be it psychical, psychological or ideological. I do NOT think, however, that Batman is going to win every fight simply because "I'm Batman." That is just downright foolish. With that said, here are 3 examples of times Batman battled Marvel characters and won.

1. Batman VS The Punisher - Win

Batman doesn't like guns and he also doesn't approve of the use of guns. So you'd expect a confrontation between Frank Castle's Punisher and Bruce Wayne's Batman when the Punisher attempts to walk into Gotham and start killing off the bad guys. When Castle is about to end the Joker, Batman gets involved...and it's brutal.

Batman allows the Punisher to score a hit or two, but ultimately tells him how it is when he says "Don't test me, Castle." After putting the Punisher to shame and nearly crippling him, Batman gives him two options: get out or be put away.

2. Batman VS The Hulk - Win

Batman isn't accustomed to finding those who rival his psychical stature. After all, Batman is a man at the peak of human perfection. Every muscle he has is at its peak strength and his agility for a human is unprecedented. He can bench press 1000 lbs and leg press 2,500 lbs. So when he meets the Incredible Hulk, he is understandably a little apprehensive regarding a fight between them. Though Batman again uses the combine superiority of both his psychical strength and his exceptional intellect when face to face with the threatening green giant.

With every attack from the Hulk, Batman is quickly running out of options. So he attempts to put the giant to sleep with anesthetic gas. Although to no initial effect, a swift kick from the Dark Knight sends Hulks lungs into a instant cry for air and with that last breath of it, the Hulk tumbles to the ground, unconscious. Batman though, is just pleased to still be in decent shape.

"That's about as close as I ever want to cut it!"

3. Batman VS Captain America - Draw

In the JLA Vs the Avengers comic, the two teams set against each other in a huge brawl. Batman and Captain America's results in countless dodges, blocks and evades of one another's attacks. Ultimately leaving them at a standoff.

Batman DOES admit that if the fight went long enough, Cap could beat him. But it would take him a very long time. Batman is talking about Captain's apparent increased endurance which is superior to that of the Dark Knight's. IF Batman didn't do something early on to turn the odds in his favor, he would ultimately meet defeat against the Super Soldier. However, both Cap and Bats are smart enough to know that they are not enemies...and in the end, they become great allies, working for the rest of the book to find the real culprit.

I put this in the list, because although no victor was chosen for the fight, Batman does score a win of ideals and is the one who ends the fight in a epic way. While Cap doesn't really win anything.

What do you think of these battles? I'm ready to read all the wars in the comments...


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