ByRushay shiba, writer at
Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Judging from the heading I may have lost a substantial amount of readers or maybe just attracted quite a few, but for those of you who are still reading and still want to be that great assassin running on rooftops and leaping faithfully, then this is for you...

Now yes there have been a few bad entries here and there in Ubisoft's reign of the Creed, but there have also has been 1 or 2 spectacular games that make you want to run around like a buffoon in sheer excitement and pleasure, and these particular games (like black flag or the great days of Ezio) I am referring to, not cause they were brilliant but it was due to their sheer ingenuity and cunning, for example black flag looked gorgeous on both new and last gen but aside from graphics it also boasted some pretty slick mechanics like sailing your own boat and just making you feel like a heartless and ruthless pirate assassin type of guy. To accompany that it also had a pretty basic but satisfying plot. So what im trying to get at is that all of the AC games have been mediocre or better, but the ones that have been exceptional are the same ones that have been unique, but my heart still weeps at AC unity, not cause it was a buggy piece of crap the first few times I played it, it was that it had great ideas, like a large and detailed environment, and slowly but surely, patch after patch I started to finally feel I was getting my moneys worth (and a little bit fun). You see it wasn't only that unity was pushed for time meaning that a AAA studio who we have come to recognise couldnt give us what we wanted, which was a less buggy and more refined game, which would have made unity shine, and like I said earlier eventually i came to discover that Unity was quite a good game. So in the end what I think most of us are secretly hoping for is that (Ubisoft dont stuff it up) and that it really brings the environment and brand new gameplay mechanics to life. Lastly we have to keep in mind that the Ubisoft Montreal studio is not spear heading this project, so maybe, just maybe (with the new breath of life) we could have ourselves a damn fine Assassin's Creed this year.


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