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I know I haven't written in a while here, but something occurred to me lately, a single nagging question.

Why film based media seems so one sided? A lot of times I go to the cinema and a lot of times I stare up at the screen, from the front row.

And I wonder> hmm the title sure looks promising I wonder if so and so will end up making the right choice in the end blah blah.

10-20mins into the movie and the plot emerges (very promising) lets see where it takes us.

30-40mins into the movie, wow that was a fantastic plot twist how will they follow up? Simple by moving the plot in sometimes the wrong direction, and then everything turns into a massive cliff-hanger, or what was hoped would happen doesn't happen (again). I walk out wondering if they only did a few things differently how would that have influenced the plot line? Well that cant be answered because that's seldom the way it happens, and that leads to my title heading. I speculate on my own question, and offer this answer, media likes to keep things generic predictable (sometime the same) to make it easier to control content I suppose, and what I mean by the same is, sometimes for example horror movies focus exclusively on gore and bloodshed output rather then "the fright factor" so what would happen if say they cut the gore in half and tripled the fright? this is it for this post for now, feel free to comment and what not, have a great week ahead


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