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I've said in previous articles that I find most of the X-Men movies inconsistent and plot hole filled messes of cinema. That doesn't mean I don't like the X-Men, not at all. I adore these characters in comic book form and in both X-Men the Animated Series from the 90s and the underrated Wolverine And The X-Men show. A majority of the characters are well written and likable plus even with what can seem like the most lame powers these characters all provide a purpose to the teams they are on. Today I'm going to be focusing on the main team: the X-Men and countdown my favorite members and I will judge them based on either comics, shows, or even the movies.

There are going to be two rules with this list:

  • 1. No Temporary Members. Characters like Quicksilver, Mystique, and Magneto will not appear on this list due to the fact that they are either part of another team or they were just with the X-Men for a short period.
  • 2. No Other Marvel Characters. Spider-Man, Vision, etc. They do not count as X-Men because they are not mutants nor are they permanent members of the team.

And without further ado, let's get X-Treme and countdown the Top X (Do ya geddit?) X-Men Members.

10. Nightcrawler

Kurt Wagner is one of the most well thought out characters. He's a mutant that is very sprititual. He's hated by humans but he doesn't care, he still just has a good time. His past is very dark but it doesn't destroy him like it would others. The story of Mystique being his mother is very engaging and while I didn't care for X-Men Evolution, he was by far the best thing about it. I loved Alan Cumming's version in X2 and I can't wait to see Kodi-Smit McPhee in X-Men: Apocalypse.

9. Iceman

Another member severely underused in the movies (even though he's there constantly) is Bobby Drake, the kid who can control and manipulate ice. As someone who always plays a character with freezing powers in RPGs, I've always had an appeal towards Iceman. Even though his character traits are similar to that of the Human Torch, he's still a well written character. He comes from a family that doesn't approve of him being a mutant but he doesn't let that bring him down, he's one of the members who keeps his spirits up whihc I'm always a fan of. Despite having a generic name, he actually uses his powers in more unique ways than most ice-powered comic book characters: he can turn into ice, he has his iconic ice slide (which was awesome when Frozone used it), and he can grow armor made of ice. Very sweet powers if you ask me. Wow...I managed to go through that without making a Frozen reference or ice pun, cool! .....WAIT!

8. Jean Grey

The always lovable psychic and telekinetic red head. When I was first introduced to her as a kid, I thought she was kind of boring but the older I got, the more I realized how much of a cool character she is. She acts as the Wonder Woman of the team, a moral compass for the team when they start to go down the wrong path. Not only that but she is one of the deadliest of Marvel characters when she wants to be, I mean she only comes second to Miss Martian in comes to powers psychics in comics. While Famke Janssen does her best with Jean, I still feel like her character is rushed and sort of a bland slate in the movies. But in the 90s animated series, Jean is one amazing character.

7. Cyclops

Most think of Cyclops as the version from the movies: a jealous, self indulgent jerk. Well I'm here to tell you that you're WRONG! The movies screwed up this character badly, not as bad as a certain character we'll see later but still. I know Scott Summers as he's portrayed in the animated series and from the comics that I've read: a well thought out and likable leader of the team with a smarmy attitude. I think that if they got him right, people would love him just as much as Wolverine but no, Singer screwed him up. Just thought I should mention that my personal favorite look of his comes in the Astonishing X-Men books.

6. Beast

Hank McCoy is another one of those characters you'd expect to fall under the cliche category. He's deformed so people hate him, he's got an attitude so the team always had to convince him to shut up. Totally different here, Beast is a peaceful pacifist who wants nothing but the two groups of humans and mutants to get alot. To me, Hank is one of the funniest, most likable comic book characters every created and so far most adaptations do him well. Even in X-3: The Last Stand Kelsey Grammar did a great job. Though I think Nicolas Hoult is very much superior but the best version of him is in X-Men the Animated Series.

5. Rogue

Ah, the Southern Belle that everybody loves. Marie Anne is quirky, she can fly, and she has the strength to flip a Sentinel over as if it were a ragdoll. Though her being badass is not all that earns her spot, she's got a great personality, great story, overall she's just a great character. And just to give her a plus, every young boy fell in love with her especially after watching the Animated Series which made us jealous of Gambit.

Honestly, Rogue will forever be one of the greatest comic book characters ever....well at least until the movies and every animated show afterwards butchers her by nerfing her powers and making her soooooo boring.

Well...she has white streaks.

What is this? Tim Burton's X-Men?

WHAT'S WITH THE EMO LOOK?!? Can I get a good picture of MY Rogue please?

Thank you! Now let's move on before I start ranting.

4. Wolverine

Do I even need to say anything? It's freaking Wolverine! All comic versions get him right, I love Hugh Jackman's version (give him the yellow suit please), and every animated show gets him right. All though, I'm tired of people making it out to be that he's the leader when in fact he was the farthest thing from.

I'm gonna miss you Hugh.

3. Professor X

You can't have the X-Men without the X-Man himself! Charles Xavier may seem like your usual Zardon or Nick Fury but there is a lot more to his character than that. This man has been through a lot, his best friend betraying him and accidentally paralyzing him for life, the uprise of hatred for mutants, and growing up with the powers to manipulate anybody's mind. He's a stoic leader and honestly, I think he's one of the best mentor figures in fiction. Personally as much as I love Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy does the perfect Charles Xavier.

This was by far my favorite moment in the entire movie franchise.

2. Shadowcat

I've already talked about this character is a few articles but I'll say it again: Kitty Pryde is the most underrated X-Men character ever. Fun, spunky, funny, has some of the best story arcs, can whip villains easily, and has some of the coolest powers ever. Honestly, I hope that solo movie about Kitty happens because she deserves more love from general audiences, I even like Ellen Page as her.

1. Gambit

I was a fan of Gambit before it was cool to like Gambit. Yeah I've noticed the popularity for him is growing and that makes me happy but for a long time he was just seen as the pretty boy of the team and yeah he could be at times but I think he is everything I love in a character. First off, he fights with a staff. Always a personal favorite of mine. Second, he's got a great backstory. Third, he's the smarmy guy with awesome powers. Oh yeah, the way he uses his powers is unlike any character every: he surrounds playing cards with kinetic energy and uses them as projectiles. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!? Personally if I was to cast him, I'd put Joseph Gordon Levitt as the younger version or Mark Walhberg for an older version. Although I am looking forward to Channing Tatum in the Gambit solo movie. And to keep with the pattern, the Animated Series version of him was AWESOME! Since the movie no longer exists, I'm not going to talk about X-Men Origin's...."attempt" at the character. I say pick up a Gambit comic if you can, you won't be disappointed.

So those are my choices on my favorite X-Men and I'm sure my opinion is not the same as yours so who are your own personal favorite members? Either write your own article or let me know in the comments below!


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