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Greetings, Moviepilot readers and cosplay lovers! Have I got something cool for you today. I love digging through the interwebs to find the coolest and most creative fan-made content - and while I usually like to find hidden gems, this time I’m actually going to show you someone I've featured before. But this time, I'm adding a twist, and going a little further.

First of all, Ryoko-Demon's a pretty established name in the cosplay world, and for good reason. Her work is impeccable and consistently gorgeous. I've actually given her a general feature before, showing off her wide range of beloved characters. What can I say, I'm a huge fan.

But my favorite by far, that I thought deserved its own article because of the loving attention to an especially awesome subject, is her rendition of Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet. This Disney movie has always made my space-loving spirit soar - and I actually wrote another Moviepilot article on how we almost had a sequel. (And really, it should still happen.)

No sequel? Really, Disney?
No sequel? Really, Disney?

Now, the Treasure Planet sequel I wrote about probably would have been the blend of traditional animation and CGI that made the original Treasure Planet so beautiful, but with outstanding cosplayers like Ryoko-Demon, I'm starting to think a live-action portrayal might look amazing too. Gorgeous to think about, huh?

So I thought... why not an Amelia-only feature? We could have had it all (Rolling in the deep-space!). Enjoy these gorgeous cosplay photos, and imagine.

All daydreaming aside, the swashbuckling Captain Amelia’s one of my favorite animated characters ever, so it makes me so happy to see her getting some love. She's one of Ryoko-Demon's cosplays that hasn’t gotten as much attention as the more mainstream comic book fare - so today, I'm giving it some right here!

And wow, I’ve never seen someone pull off this character so well. This amazing cosplay artist somehow brought an animated feline alien to life, and made the makeup and costuming so accurate that I'm ready for a live-action movie right now. Seriously, taking an animated design and translating it into physical clothing and makeup is a skill I will never get tired of seeing demonstrated well.

All cats like shiny objects!
All cats like shiny objects!

She's even got a prop replica of the map. Awesome!

This might be my favorite shot of all for the body language and expression alone. What nobody really talks about in cosplay is the degree of acting involved. If you want to take your character portrayal to the next level, you want to not only step inside their clothes, but their skin. She's got Amelia's next-level calm and confidence and captainly swagger down.

And the level of detail in the gun prop recreation straight out of the movie? Just. Holy damn. I bow down and tip my hat. Thank you for bringing one of my favorite characters to life. This is what it's all about.

That's it for today's installment of cosplay amazingness! Thank you so much for reading! And as always, while the internet's an open forum, please keep all commentary respectful to the cosplayer. Remember that they're real people and real fans, just like you. Rock on!


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