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Just like the MCU, there are some characters throughout the history of DC comics who would not be suitable for the big screen. Want to see some? Neither do I, but have a look at just how ridiculous comics can be.

1. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy


That's really something. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy was able to remove his limbs, which he then used to bludgeon his enemies to death. Is this what we want to see on screen? Do we want to see Superman getting attacked by a guy wielding his own limb? Well... yes, but not in these films. Maybe the Lego Batman movie?

2. Matter Eater Lad


Again, this seems like a lego movie character. Matter eater lad was able to eat... anything. Why? Because apparently that could be useful in tough situations. I can definitely see him going up against Batman, after eating his utility belt, but that maybe isn't something Ben Affleck would be interested in directing and starring in.

3. Bouncing Boy

Remember Finding Nemo? Remember Bloat, the puffer fish? Yeah, this is the superhero equivilant of that, but without the spikes. Bouncing Boy was an important member of... nothing, ever. Let's face it, even Aquaman doesn't deserve to be put up against someone like this (Note: I love Aquaman, it's just fun to make jokes) and he should be left for the comics, and lists like this one.

4. Blue Snowman

Blue Snowman had a gun which could both produce and disperse blizzards. Pretty cool, right? That isn't the problem. The problem is that he is basically a rip-off of the far superior Flash villain Captain Cold, who uses a cold gun. The other problem is of course that Blue Snowman is a man dressed as a snowman, who turned out to be a woman dressed as a man dressed as a snowman. There is no problem with transgender people, but this was just way too much effort for a terrible villain.

5. Black Condor

The man himself has little by way of problems, alright? He is a guy, with a pretty nasty costume, but not a bad name, who can fly. The issue I have is his origin. He crash landed in a plane as a kid, and with everyone else dead, was, of course, raised by a pack of condors. While living with them, they taught him how... wait for it... to fly. Need I say more?

6. Codpiece

Is that a gun poking out of his...
Is that a gun poking out of his...

Saved the best for last. This is the villainous Codpiece. He uses a series of deadly weapons in his nefarious schemes, ranging from guns and knives to scissors. The problem is, he uses them by attaching them all to his crotch. I mean come on DC, surely you had to know just what was going on here, you can't have thought that this was a good idea! I can't go on, this is destroying my faith in comics. If you would like to see the worst Marvel characters, click here. If you want to see more random things I felt like writing about, click the big blue follow button below!


Which character was the most ridiculous?


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