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When facing deadly enemies, there are multiple things that might come in handy. Muscles, money, guns or superpowers will help you come a long way but some characters have something else that gives them a slight advantage over the rest. Something that everyone would miss if it were to dissapear. What am I talking about? A good sense of humor, of course! Sarcasm is a weapon that can make you very powerful, especially for people that are able to use it when facing their toughest enemies.

Team Captain Jack O'Neill

Teamleader of SG-1
Teamleader of SG-1

A leader for a team that is made up of four people that save the world? Hmmm why does that ring a bell? Right! Colonel Jack O'Neill is one of the main characters in the TV-series Stargate SG-1. A show where a team of 4 people travels to other planets. Of course, this leads to them making some serious enemies but Jack O'Neill does not seem to care much about these enemies. Being serious is just not his thing, but he is still a colonel in the air force, so he has got the combat skills. He makes for an amazing team leader because we know he has leadership-qualities and he manages to piss of the enemies every time by being extremely sarcastic directly to their faces. Here is a famous O'Neill-quote for us fans out there.

O'Neill : Instead of helping you, why don't we sit back and watch you get your ass kicked. That way you'll be dead and we'll be glad.

Ba'al (enemy) : You cannot be serious.

O'Neill : Yes I can. I just choose not to, some of the time.

1st round pick: Damon Salvatore

The Damon-smirk
The Damon-smirk

Besides the fact that he may turn a few of the female enemies over to our side with his looks, Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries is also very skilled in the art of killing people. Ripping off their heads like it is nothing. As a vampire, he is very fast, very strong, hard to kill and very charming, but above all, very sarcastic. He loves to mock his enemies, which makes him the badass vampire he is. Here is one of the Damon-quotes for all the Damon-fans out there.

Silas (enemy) : What I don't get is why she likes you.
Damon : That's because you haven't had sex with me.

2nd round pick : Anthony DiNozzo

His most charming face
His most charming face

NCIS is a show that has been on since 2003. (Which may sound like yesterday but when you think about it, that's 12 years ago! Djeez, we are getting old).
The synergy between all characters is great but all the individual characters are also amazing! DiNozzo is one of these cool characters with a great sense of humor, which includes mainly sarcasm. As a special agent, he is highly trained which makes him very well suited for this team. He is great at finding things (or people) and these investigation skills will also come in handy. But face it, I put him on the team because his sarcasm is through the roof!

DiNozzo (Captured by enemy) : I'm the wild card. I'm the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now I should be terrified, right? But I'm not. Because I just can't stop thinking about the movie "True Lies."

3rd round pick : Mindy Macready / Hit-Girl

The outfit does it
The outfit does it
Game on, cocksuckers!

The funny one-liners just keep on coming with this one. Hit-Girl is one of the characters in the Kick-Ass movies, where normal people dress up as superheroes to save the world. Hit-Girl was trained by her father and has excellent combat-skills. She helps to train Kick-Ass who wants to do the same as her, fight crime.
Her hilarious insults towards both Kick-Ass and the bad guys make her the best person to finish off this team!

Mother Russia (enemy) : Are you ready to die, little girl?

Hit-Girl : I might be, if I have to keep looking at that shit stain you call a face.

The Sarcastic Four will be the best team that has every roamed the galaxy. (Or maybe even beyond this galaxy). Their sarcasm will get them far in beating the dangers that are coming.

The quotes above are of course not the only quotes that are perfectly suitable for this post. If you have more funny, sarcastic quotes, feel free to share them in the comments!


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