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I am a huge fan of superheroes, I love giving my opinion and discussing it with others.
James Ormsby

An opposition from the standard femme fatale, I present my all-male team poignantly named Homme Fatale. A secret government organisation that recruits all manner of agents from throughout reality.

I'm presenting the Emerald Division which is a fancy term of saying my all-green team.

Team Leader - Yoda (Star Wars)

A wise and powerful member of an unknown species. Brought to Earth to lead the Emerald Division of the Homme Fatale. With his sage-old advise and mastery with a Lightsaber, Yoda makes the perfect leader.

1st Draft - Piccolo (Dragon Ball)

A zen-like and reformed Namekian, Piccolo is a skilled martial artist thrice the times revived, making him one of the oldest members of the Homme Fatale, along with Yoda.

2nd Draft - The Hulk (Marvel Comics)

Bringing the braun to the team is the mutate-personification of Jekyl/Hyde. Not only does he bring the berserker rage but as Bruce Banner he is a scientific expert who can bring the tech-side to the team.

3rd Draft - Beast Boy (DC Comics)

One of the youngest and most powerful of the team, this metamorphic metahuman can change himself into any animal with the slight snag of said transformation always being green. Bringing the youth and charisma to the team, Beast Boy proves an invaluable member to the Homme Fatale.


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