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Hello there, Moviepilot readers and lovers of all things awesome. Today in my search for cool fan-created art, I came across something that combined two of our favorite things: a beloved Star Wars friend and a host of famous superheroes. We have UK illustrator Steve Berrington to thank for this latest installment of fandom creativity!

Unfortunately, I could only find one of these colorful digital prints at his official gallery, but they are all handily collected in this blog post. And right here. In this Moviepilot article. By me. That you're reading. How convenient!

Now, scroll on for the artistic awesomeness!

Do DeadDroids still enjoy chimichangas? Must know.

Do DeadDroids still enjoy chimichangas? Must know.
Do DeadDroids still enjoy chimichangas? Must know.


What I love about these is that they obviously keep the same Star Wars recognizable silhouette and style - you instantly know it's R2-D2. But the colors and emblems of the other superhero characters are integrated so well and are themselves so iconic that you also instantly know who he's 'cosplaying.' There's absolutely no guessing or confusion and it's just a very clean translation.


I guess I just think it's neat, and a testament to how quickly we as fans (and artists!) can form connections. Taking a kind of complex line of thought (a drawing of a droid from a movie franchise, made to reference a character from another universe - literally and figuratively! - entertainment company and MEDIA entirely) and recognize instantaneously what's going on. I mean, on the one level, it's really cool art and a great idea, and on another more meta one, just kind of a neat observation on the adaptability of human psychology, visual recognition and fluid association.

Or maybe I'm just being a super mega hyper nerd and going too far with something, as usual. Ah well! Enjoy the cute droid that looks like superheroes!


But now I'm wondering.

Is R2 truly taking up the superhero's mantle? Or is he cosplaying? Is he one of us? Or has someone else decided to give him a reluctant paintjob? Such a mystery at work here.


I might have to go right to the source and ask the droid in question. I'm a Moviepilot contributor. I feel it's my duty to the people as a journalist.


Truly intriguing. I must get to the root of this. (Also, inquire about the above chimichanga question.)


When I contacted said droid for an exclusive interview on these new developments, R2's illuminating comments were "bleep-bloop, whistle-whistle-woo-woo-beep-boop." Well, that explains it all. Eloquent words from a wise droid.


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