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With Jennifer Lawrence's birthday this week, and with part two of the last Hunger Games film in the making, I have decided to dedicate an article to the three, amazing The Hunger Games movies. These, in my opinion, are the top four best and most memorable, feel-good moments throughout the series so far!

1. Katniss Volunteers As Tribute

Katniss Volunteering as tribute
Katniss Volunteering as tribute

Probably the most famous scene of this series is when Katniss volunteers to be sent to the games rather then Primrose, her younger, more innocent, little sister. This is the scene that has made Katniss somewhat of a hero throughout The Capitol, and forced her to be sent to the games in the first place. It shows Katniss' immense love for her sister, and it brings out the heroic side of her for the first time. This heroic side will be shown again and again, on multiple occasions, throughout the series.

2. The Nightlock Berries

Katniss and Peeta with the nightlock berries
Katniss and Peeta with the nightlock berries

I an incredible plot twist, Katniss pulls out the poisonous berries, allowing both Peeta and her to simultaneously win the game, together. The Game-makers know that these berries are poisonous, meaning that if they don't stop them then they will both die, and this forces them to declare them both the winners of the Hunger Games.

3. Rue and Katniss' friendship

Rue and Katniss Everdeen
Rue and Katniss Everdeen

Rue reminds Katniss of her younger sister, which causes Katniss to protect her in the evil, dangerous games. Katniss had volunteered for her little twelve year old sister, only Rue had nobody to volunteer for her, nobody to save her from this monstrous society. This allows Katniss to form a bond with her, and an alliance in the games. They stick together and use their intelligence and experience traveling through the trees and forest in order to stay alive and hidden in the games. This friendship, lasting until sweet little Rue is killed, is what helps Katniss keep pushing herself through the difficult task of staying alive in the games. It reminds her of her younger sister, of the life that she has at home and it gives Katniss a genuine purpose in the otherwise fear-inducing games.

4. Katniss Everdeen's Mockingjay dress

The famous dress, that Cinna beautifully designed to mock The Capitol and inspire hope in the districts. The dress that turned a wedding dress into a beautiful flame with a spin and a twirl. The amazing, beguiling, and metamorphic dress. Probably my absolute favorite moment throughout the series, when Katniss spun for the world to watch, and her wedding dress, which she would never get to wear (Mr. Snow had forced her to wear it) transformed into an exquisite flaming bird: the Mockingjay. The act that brought tears to the eyes of The Capitol, and hope and wonder to those of the districts. This is the act that would lead to Cinna's demise, but it is the act that flared the rebellion as well, setting the beginning of something huge in the districts ablaze.


Which of these is your favorite moment from The Hunger Games


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