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Today in D23 news, Star Wars fans both young and old can finally visit the far off stars and planets of their dreams. Get your airplane tickets ready because Disney is bringing you two fully fledged Star Wars theme parks! One will be located in Orlando, Florida’s Disney World and the other in Anaheim, California’s Disneyland. The parks seem like they will be reminiscent of the wildly popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter also located in Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

"These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet, including an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance."

Despite already having a virtual reality ride prior to attaining Lucasfilm, Disney will be filling up 14 acres of land with intergalactic characters and rides that will take you on the celestial ride of your life! The Millennium Falcon and Creature Cantina are two of the many Star Wars locations fans can visit as well as a brand new planet specially created for the parks. Chairman Bob Iger went on to assure fans of the future parks’ faithfulness to the films.

"We are creating a jaw-dropping new world. We’re bringing Star Wars to life in a big way. Nothing in land will be out of character. Guests will truly become part of a Star Wars story. It’s going to be a whole new level, a whole new galaxy."

Needless to say, Twitter quickly blew up with the news of what has now been dubbed "Star Wars Land."

While there is no official start date for construction or estimated completion date yet, start saving up now! This park is going to be out of this world!



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