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Hello. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse.

I have a dream. I dream about a Zombie movie winning an Oscar. Will this day ever arrive? Or will the undead eat our brains before this happens?

Zombie films bless our lives with horrific stories about survival and despair. These stories can scare us, but can also teach us valuable lessons about the might of the human spirit.

Today, I will talk about the best zombie movies ever.

So grab your cookies and enjoy the brains... I mean, the nightmares.

7. Night of the Living Dead

The grandfather of zombie movies.

This list is not about the most important zombie films ever. In that case, Night of the Living Dead would be in first place.

This was the movie that introduced to us to these terrible monsters. People at the time witnessed in horror how these creatures would murder you violently, without compassion, without remorse, without reason, only to satiate their morbid instincts. The most terrifying thing? These abominations may be the people that you love the most.

6. 28 Days Later

Before 28 Days Later, zombies were slow and dumb. This movie proved that they were ready to evolve into something fast and furious. The film is visceral and violent, but at the same time, artistic and visually appealing.

28 Days Later showed us that the most terrifying creatures are not mindless zombies, but cruel human beings. We can degenerate into the worst kind of monster when hope is seemingly lost.

5. Rec

Rec is violent and raw. Rec is claustrophobic and bloody. Rec is entertaining and terrifying.

The creatures in Rec, according to the sequels, are not technically zombies, but people who have been possessed. But well, let’s not let this unimportant fact get in the way. This will be our little secret.

Rec took the best elements of found-footage and use them to imprint a dreadful sense of realism and claustrophobia in us. The myth said that even the actors were genuinely scared. They transmitted their fears to us.

We can only be grateful for that.

4. Shaun of the Dead

This comedy proved that we don’t need to experience a zombie apocalypse in order to live among brainless beings.

Shaun of the Dead is an homage to classic zombie films. Every cliché and element is filtered through the writers' intelligent and creative perspective. Thankfully, they not only gave us laughs and joy, but they created one of the most realistic zombie films ever. One that will frighten us. One that will make us ponder our seemingly complete and satisfying existence.

I hope you can get all of the references.

3. Zombieland

There is more room to laugh in this dreadful list.

Zombieland, just as Shaun of The Dead, grabbed a spot in the list of 7 the best horror comedies ever. So it is logical that this film ended up in this one too.

Zombieland is all about clever jokes and breaking stereotypes. Zombie films were becoming predictable, and - why not - also boring and dull. This movie proved that this genre could be intelligent and entertaining, but without losing intensity and passion.

Zombieland is one of the most frenetic films in this list. You will love it.

2. World War Z

World War Z is big. World War Z is chaotic. World War Z is impressive. World War Z is epic.

No other movie in this list is as grand as this one. It depicts the real scoop of a true zombie apocalypse. Not just a city or a region is in danger, but rather the entire planet. The entire human race.

Zombies are the perfect soldiers. They feel no pain. They don’t need to eat. They don’t feel the cold. They don’t get sick. Humans have no chance against these violent and reckless ghouls. All is lost.

1. Dawn of the Dead

This movie starts with a bang. But how does it end?

A group of survivors hide in a shopping center after the undead start to claim the planet. The city is under siege. There is no other place to go. There is no hope.

If you are looking for action, you will find it in here. If you are looking for great and fascinating characters, this movie has them in spades. If you are looking to be scared, well, Dawn of The Dead has millions of dreadful zombies that will be happy to please you.

You will never see a shopping center the same way again.

I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook. I upload movie recommendations frequently.

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