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Raymond Stover

I'm sure by now that most of you have heard and seen all of the terrible reviews the new The Fantastic Four has received. It's gotten one of the lowest scores on Rotten Tomatoes out all of the Marvel movies. The box office numbers aren't looking too great either and it's being considered as one of the worst superhero films ever made. But is it really that bad? I'm here to tell you that it's not! I think most people have gotten used to the idea of the superhero genre being over the top, filled with non-stop action and overstuffed special effects. Not every film fits into one genre specifically. Some are dual, like action-thriller. Some can even fit into three genres like horror, sci-fi, suspense. And with the Fantastic Four, there was more of a sci-fi feel with a little action. So I guess you would call it a sci-fi, action, superhero film. I will agree that the film was lacking some things. But even though it was lacking here and there, that doesn't make it one of the worst movies in Marvel history.

I think the biggest problem for most people was that the battle with Dr. Doom wasn't longer. I totally agree with that! The movie also felt a bit short for Marvel's standards. It was only 1 hour and 46 minutes. Most Marvel films are easily over 2 hours. I think an extra 15 minutes of action wouldn't of hurt. However, I thought the character development was great, the story itself was solid, and all of the actors did an awesome job. But why did it do so bad at the box office? I think because of all of the bad press, problems on set, the director's self sabotaging tweets, and even the negative press about Michael B. Jordan playing a character who's usually white. With all that, I can see why a lot of people didn't want to see the movie. But the people I've spoke with, who did see the movie, also agreed that the movie simply wasn't bad. In my opinion it wasn't as bad as Wolverine: Origins, or Elektra, or even Daredevil. It certainly did not deserve a 9% percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Could it have been that the industry and some hardcore fans had some kind of agenda against this movie, because of the new (raw) direction and its controversial casting? It's not news anyone that most fans hated the direction FF was going. Did the casting choice of Johnny Storm a.k.a the Human Torch really destroy its chance of ever becoming successful? We will never know. With box office numbers being so low, it's doubtful that a second film will be made. I wouldn't be surprised if Fox ends up making a deal with Disney to hand over the rights to FF. However, if they do make a sequel, I strongly suggest that the men and women in charge at Fox introduce mutants in the next film. In order to save this failing franchise, we need to know that the Fantastic Four and X Men live in the same world. That mutants do exist! The excitement that at any point these teams could collide or team up would keep people interested.

The X-men should not show up immediately in the second film but, there should be some references made towards mutants or specific X- characters throughout the film. The second film should be more about the FF working together as a team, completing missions, and gaining popularity in the world. I could even see them being put on a pedestal and being served up as the answer to problematic mutants. We should see them take down a few well known mutants. An appearance from Juggernaut could be interesting! I could even see the film's main villain being Arcade. Simon Pegg or Seth Green would be awesome for the role. And of course for the end of credits scene, it would be nice to see Xavier and maybe one or two of his students (a young Storm or Cyclops) showing up at the Baxter building, to talk to the Fantastic Four. Or Magneto with his newly formed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, ready to take down the Fantastic Four.

Now that's how you save a franchise! I only hope that they get a second chance. Anyone else agrees? Let me know!


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