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The Expendables. A movie where the actors get to have their dream fights. Who wouldn't want to go tearing into a battle with men like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis? I know that I would! This movie came out five years ago this week, and just last year had its third installment come out on DVD.

We all know what our gun-toting friends look like today, and how awesome they look like in these movies, but what did they look like when they first started acting?

I'm glad you asked.

Terry Crews/Hale Caesar

Look at our little Terry Crews in highschool! Hale Caesar is a great character in The Expendables, but he only started acting in 2000 as Vincent in the TV show 6th Day. His original rise to fame was in football! According to his Wikipedia page, he was drafted into the NFL in 1991.

I also didn't realize that he is also this guy, the man from the Old Spice commercials.

And that is what I deem interesting, and slightly disturbing. This is something I have seen so many times, but I never put the two together! I guess I just never expected to see him in a commercial.

Jet Li/Yin Yang

Wow!! This photo is of Jet Li as Chiah Yuan in The Shaolin Temple. This movie was made in 1982, which means our martial arts master was only 19 years old in this picture! He has a huge knowledge in many different forms of martial arts, which is what got him to this point in his career. It helped land him his first performance in this movie.

I have also watched Jet Li play the villain Emperor in a edition of the Mummy franchise: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. He has also recently helped produce a Chinese film.

Dolph Lundgren/Gunner Jensen

Here is our favorite gunner in one of Stallone's early movies, Rocky IV. Since it was made in 1985, this means Dolph Lundgren would have been only 28 years old. This is crazy! I have never seen the Rocky movies, so I only knew Lundgren from The Expendables.

Jason Statham/Lee Christmas

Jason Statham plays the knife-throwing Lee Christmas in The Expendables. So what in the world is he doing in that above picture? Well, in 1990, you'll never guess what our fighter was up to.

That's right!! He was a diver before becoming an actor. He was one of the competitors in the 1990 Commonwealth Games. He, like Terry Crews, has only just started acting in the last fifteen years. His first movie, according to IMDb, was 1998's movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Apparently, his acting has gotten more sophisticated over time!

Sylvester Stallone/Barney Ross

Our fearless leader. Look how young he is!! This is Sylvester Stallone in 1976's Rocky, the first of many boxing films. He was 30 in this movie, but he looks so much younger than that! He was in other films, but this was his first major role.

These are the main characters in the franchise, and it is very interesting to look back and see where they came from! I looked at the other characters, but most of them happen to only be boxers, and only recently began acting.


Which of these actors shocked you most?

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