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This will be the first of what will most likely be multiple posts revolving around controversial topics in film and/or television and me, as the title suggests, describing how I see it. Today's topic of course being the casting of Academy Award Winner Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot starring Tom Holland.

The major issue people take with her is that they think she is too young, despite the fact that she will be 53 by the time the new Spider-Man film releases in theaters. In my opinion, the fact that she is so much younger than the age people normally associate with the character is exactly why the casting makes sense. For some strange reasons, the comics have always portrayed Aunt May as a feeble old woman who can barely take care of herself and as a result, the character seems more like Peter's grandmother rather than his aunt.

Aunt May is the woman who raised Peter after his parents left, and she looks like she could be Peter's mother and that's why it makes sense to cast someone her age. This way we can avoid the annoying subplots from the Raimi films about Peter having to support Aunt May.


What do you think of Marisa Tomei as Aunt May?


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