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Henry Starling Jr.

Book Of Death: Legends of The Geomancer #2

Story: Fred Van Lente

Art: Juan Jose Ryp

Colorist: Jordi Bellaire

Letterer: Dave Lanphear

Design: Dylan Todd

Valiant Entertainment

It seems that the Earth hasn't fully shared everything with the first Geomancer. We learn what it means to live 5,000 years ago. The original Geomancer had a very rough life. When how you died is celebrated more than how you lived. Or how you handled you enemies. This Geomancer is no slouch. Actually she is quite the badass.

Part 2 of one of the follow up series to Valiant’s The Book of Death, Fred Van Lente tells the tale of the first Geomancer, and ultimately the first adventure leading to Gilad Padda becoming the Eternal Warrior. This issue really amps up the action as they trade one baddie for another. Fred really makes us feel for the first Geomancer as she let's us know a bit of how her life has gone. He really does a great job of subversively stating her emotion all while putting on a brave face.

Juan Jose Ryp's art syle continues to set the bar for Valiant’s talent pool. His lines are so detailed they look so raw, it totally sets the tone for this series. I can't wait to read more! The colors by Jordi Bellaire are equally as exceptional as the colors keep pace with Juans work, it makes it a "giant" work of art!

Overall this was a fantastic read. This issue shows us a glimpse of the true beginning of the bond between Gilad and the Geomancers. I am eager to read the rest!



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